October 5, 2008


Lower Paxton Board of Supervisors

Lower Paxton Township

425 Prince Street

Harrisburg, PA 17109


Dear  Supervisors:


Please note that SWAN is on record opposing the rezoning request of

Laurel Ridge from R-2 Medium High Density Residential District to R-3

Medium High Density Residential District. (Please refer to Enclosure

  1. 3-4)


SWAN met several times with Multi-Properties. We appreciate their

efforts to engage the community, acknowledge the improvements the

company has made to existing units, and appreciate the effort expended

to conduct a traffic study.


The Planning Commission stated that they did not rezone this property

because they wanted to control the density of new development on this site.

The public expressed concern about additional housing units along

Linglestown Road, traffic congestion, and infrastructure challenges.


Consistent with SWAN’s previous testimony, e.g., “New Devonshire

Subdivision, Martin L. Schoffstall Children’s Trust, et al” on June 10, 2008

and  SWAN’s Testimony in Opposition to -Ordinance #07-14 Rezoning

Application, May 6, 2008, we remain opposed to the rezoning.


This type of density request, in the shadow of a DEP consent order,

limited EDUs, possible EPA remediation bills, I&E challenges, and sewer

reconstruction, must have widespread support from the folks who live

near the development as well as tax payers who may have to pay for

the additional infrastructure.


It is important for the Township to implement the Comprehensive

Plan as envisioned and codified. The Planning Commission was correct

to deny this rezoning request.


Consistent with the 2006 Comprehensive Plan, we support the

Township’s  continued concern and vigilance in managing density and

infrastructure challenges in Lower Paxton Township.



We are willing to work with the Township and Multi-Properties to

foster an alternative resolution to deal with “overstuffing.” SWAN is also

willing to continue a dialogue regarding protective covenants, dedications,

easements, and park and recreation opportunities.




Respectfully submitted,




Eric Epstein, SWAN,  Chairman

4100 Hillsdale Road

Harrisburg, Pa 17112





Frederick Lighty, Chairman, Lower Paxton Planning Commission

George S. Wolfe, Township Manager, Lower Paxton Township

Richard Hantgan, Multi Properties, Inc., Senior Vice President