SWAN Newsletter #7

November 6, 2006


Attended Mark Levine and Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.

(**Additional report and comments by Mark Levine to follow.)

Chairman Hawk formally swore in Officer Steve Wertz.

The approval of the lease agreement between the Township and Linglestown Life United Methodist Church was passed 5 – 0. This public parking lot on the church property will be built and maintained by the Township. This lot is necessary because of the loss of parking spaces with the new traffic patterns in Linglestown to be constructed.

The yearly amending ordinance for the allocation of building permits in the Beaver Creek sanitary sewage drainage basin was approved for 2007. There were 54 available from July thru December of 2006, and 18 available for 2007 for a total of 72. These numbers are in a constant flux.

The plan of greatest interest under subdivision and Land Development was plan 06-32. This plan calls for a 93-room hotel, Candlewood Suites, to be built northwest of the intersection of Lockwillow Road and North Mountain Road.

The entrance to this complex would be directly opposite the entrance to Country Oven on Lockwillow. No action will be taken on this proposal because of questionable traffic numbers presented with this proposal. The intersection at Lockwillow Road and North Mountain Road is already a hazardous intersection.

November 6, 2006


(**Additional report and comments by Mark Levine.)

Point of interest: A new police officer was sworn in, joining the Lower Paxton Township Police Department, just prior to the formal meeting.

Old Business:

Approved leasing and constructing a public parking lot on Linglestown Life United Methodist Church property with construction to be completed by summer ‘07 (don’t remember exact date).

Approved selling two vehicles to the Paxtonia Fire Company for $750.00 each.

New business:

Ordinance 06-09; Amending Ordinance 95-0 and allocating building permits in the Beaver Creek sanitary sewage drainage basin. Passed. Allows 72 building permits to be issued for the year. The following numbers of permits is correct but I am uncertain of the dates. I believe the dates are 54 from July 1, 2006 through Dec. 31, 2006 and 18 from Jan. 1, 2007 through June 31, 2007.

Extended the Municipal Planning Services Agreement for the year 2007 between the Township and the Dauphin County Planning Commission.

5 Subdivision and Land Development proposals:

Preliminary/final resubdivision plan for Harrisburg Church of Christ (06-30). Located in the vicinity of Miller Rd., south of Jonestown Rd., near Long John Silvers and abutting an old coal yard. Church is applying for permission to join 2 lots into 1 common parcel. Asking for variances on road widening and sidewalks, among others. Most discussion was on sidewalks. B of S leaning toward no sidewalks until coal yard is under new ownership, if and when, and then to attach a stipulation to any future development of the property by the Church, that if and when the coal yard is re-developed, the church will then have 1 year to install a sidewalk. Sidewalk installation is supported by the lower Paxton Township Police Department so people do not have to walk in the street.

Personal opinion: If and when the Church applies for further development on their newly enlarged property, SWAN should take the position that a sidewalk should be installed.

Preliminary/final land development plan for Candlewood Suites, New 93 Room Hotel (06-32). Located on the northwest corner of North Mountain Rd. and Lockwillow Rd. (Diagonally across from Hornung¹s Ace Hardware and directly across from the American Legion on a lot south of Forte¹ Music store). The plan is for a single unit, of long term residents, in the manner if the Marriott Residence south-east of Eisenhower interchange, surrounded by parking, entranced off of Lockwillow Rd. Jeff Staub represented the developer (who also owns the Best Western across Lockwillow Rd. from this site). A couple of the B of S had trouble with the maximum traffic out and in of this design. Storm water from the parcel would be directed to a detention pond large enough for a 100-year storm. Additionally, some storm water from the present storm water infrastructure line would be directed into the pond as well, thereby actually reducing the flow of storm water from that area, by approximately 45 percent. Mr. Staub and Staff have met with three of the residential neighbors to discuss parking lot illumination infiltration onto their property and buffering. LPBS all concerned over high prone accident area at the intersection of North Mountain Rd. and Lockwillow Rd. and in particular the traffic heading northward on North Mountain Rd. attempting to make a left hand turn onto Lockwillow Rd. The issue of landscaping the detention pond embankment was brought up by Mr. Staub. It appears the language regarding the type of vegetation is extremely vague and he would appreciate clarification.


I spoke with Mr. Staub after the meeting, expressing that I was very pleased to hear that he had taken the initiative to discuss matters with the abutting residential neighbors and that I am sure SWAN would appreciate his initiative as well (Hope I didn¹t overstep my bounds). I told him that my impression was that the LPBS wants the developer to pay for the installation of a left hand turn arrow traffic light at the intersection and he agreed as to my impression. I also asked him about a permanent area for a dumpster on the property. He said there will be one, surrounded by walls. I noticed the location on his plan as displayed at the meeting, was at the western corner of the rear parking lot. Explaining the dilemma and frustration faced by the resident behind the new Dunkin Donuts on Linglestown Rd., who now has a permanent dumpster abutting his back yard, I asked if the dumpster location could be relocated, possibly at the eastern corner of the rear parking lot, abutting Forte¹ Music property. He said that would probably work.

Personal opinion:

Mr. Staub is extremely knowledgeable and qualified. The fact that he took the initiative to speak with the adjoining residents is commendable. The project appears to be a good fit for the area as well as the property. Reduction in storm water from the storm water infrastructure is a definite plus. However, several issues require followed up. They are:

Buffering against the residential properties for both lighting and privacy.

Vegetation around detention ponds (possibly ornamental grasses such as pampas grass).

Relocation of the dumpster to the eastern corner of the rear parking lot.

Left hand turn traffic light at the intersection of North Mountain Rd. and Lockwillow Rd. for traffic approaching the
intersection from the south. (I’m sure the LPBS will settle that concern.)
Preliminary/final land development plan for Townes at Autumn View, (06-29). Eighteen units (Condos) in the vicinity if Griffin St., Warren Ave. and Jerome Ave. Asked for ten (10) variances. No overhead projection for this plot plan. Seems like developer is cramming as many units into a small space as possible. Roadway into condos will be a private road, ending in a cul-de-sac with no houses at the far end of the cul-de-sac because there will be no room for them. Variance needed for driveway proximity to corner of intersection due to a utility pole would need to be moved to be in compliance with the code. This was approved by the LPBS.

Personal opinion:

This was one I would really have like to have seen. Oh, well. Can’t catch them all. Win a few. Lose a few. As long as we win more than we lose.

Final subdivision plan for Kendale Oaks, Phase V (06-31). 19 acres and 34 units. Typical cookie-cutter development. Approved by LPBS.

Personal opinion: None.

Improvement Guarantees, Development Agreements, Plan Reaffirmations, etc.: I went out to talk w/ Mr. Staub. Have no info on this or Payment of bills to the Lower Paxton Township Authority.
November 8, 2006

Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

ROSEWOOD – Preliminary/Final Subdivision Plan for the 19.8 acre tract near the southeast corner of Earl Drive and Colonial Road on which Micki Molinari and Barbara Greenberg are proposing 33 residential units consisting of 17 single family houses, 5 double units, and 2 triple units. The tract is zoned R-1 with a Residential Cluster Overlay. At last month’s meeting the plan was tabled pending the outcome of the Zoning Hearing Board’s ruling on the applicant’s request for two variances. At their meeting on October 26 the ZHB approved the requests for relief from the minimum lot size requirements for the multi-family units and from the steep slope requirements for 6 of the 33 units.

A revised plan was submitted to the township. The nature trail originally shown has been removed from the plan due to the uncertain handicapped code requirements. Concern was expressed for the adequacy of the roads to handle future traffic if the property to the south is developed and has a road connection to this development. It was felt that there was no way to make any reasonable provisions, such as making the roads meet the requirements for collector roads, for an unknown future development. All county, staff, and HRG comments have been addressed. The commission recommended approval of the plan including all waiver requests.

SHULAR ALL PRO CAR WASH, LINGLESTOWN ROAD – Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan. No revised plans have been received so this plan was tabled.

4800 LINGLESTOWN ROAD – Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan. This plan was tabled at the applicant’s request.

BLUE MOUNTAIN PARKWAY – Preliminary/Final Subdivision Plan. This 10.3-acre tract located at the corner of Blue Mountain Parkway and St. Thomas Blvd. adjacent to the Blue Meadow Farm development zoned AR and owned by Triple Crown Corp. will be divided into four residential building lots. The applicant has no problem with any of the county, staff, or HRG comments. The commission recommended approval of the plan.

SCHIAVONI, LTD – Preliminary/ Final Land Development Plan. This application is for 36 town homes on a 5.1 acre parcel zoned R-3 on the west side of Crums Mill Road between the south side of Route 81 and the Williamsburg Estates apartment complex. The site is tight and has topography concerns. It is thought part of the site is in the flood plane and there is concern for excessive noise from the adjacent interstate highway. Suggestions were made for improving the arrangement of the town homes to better fit with the existing topography. With the concerns expressed the applicant agreed to revise the plan and resubmit it next month. The plan was tabled.

ST. THOMAS ROASTERS – Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan. This application requires variances and it was tabled pending submission of the variances requests.

November 14, 2006


(7:30 – 9:30 PM)

Attended by Mark Levine, Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.
(**Additional report and comments by Mark Levine to follow.)

Conway Road will be located south of the Hodges Heights properties on the northern edge of the Township’s landfill property. Concerned citizens form Hodges Heights were generally in favor of the relocation, but had an ongoing concern about truck noise and dust. Steps will be taken to alleviate same.

A layout plan for the soccer complex along Wenrich Road was presented. The Supervisors asked the organization to present the plan among with funding plans to Parks & Recreation for their recommendation back to the Supervisors.

The Colonial Village subdivision plan now called The Homestead at Colonial was discussed at length. The property is being subdivided into 3 plots. Plot #2 will be developed. The plot on the East side of Colonial Road will be deeded to the Sheesley’s, with conditions. The only positive to come out of this meeting was the movement of the entrance south on Colonial Road, so that the line of sight distance north of the entrance is 670 feet. There will be a left turn lane north bound on Colonial Road and a right turn lane south bound on Colonial Road. According to staff at the meeting, this plan will not have to be re-reviewed by the Zoning Hearing Board.

Comment: I don’t understand this. With the complexity of the changes presented at this meeting, I strongly doubt that anyone in the room fully understood the legal ramification of these changes.

The rest of the meeting concerned Parks & Recreations’ presentation of a prioritized listing of projects and their corresponding costs to the Supervisors. One sticking point was the $400,000 skate park for the Thomas B. George, Jr. Park. It was suggested that local sports equipment retailers might be approached to help with funding.

November 14, 2006


(**Additional report and comments by Mark Levine.)

Item 4 Discussion on the relocation of Conway Rd. through the municipal landfill.

The section of Conway Road being discussed is the Section running through Hodges Heights in the general area of Nyes Road and Derry Street. The landfill is also referred to as the yardwaste-recycling center. The proposal is to construct an additional new roadway through the landfill tying into Conway Road at the end of the existing houses to the East and tying into Conway Road after encompassing the park to the West.

Comment: The Twp. Staff had met w/ the homeowners group on prior occasions. It appeared that the homeowners main concern was with existing dust and noise from the landfill and how to reduce both.

Item 5 Presentation by CASA of a concept plan for use of the Wolfensberger tract.

Located adjacent to Weinrich Road, south off of Rt. 39 (Linglestown Road), east of Linglestown. Front parcel is 50 acres. Proposal is for an 8-soccer field complex upon phased in completion. Rear parcel approximately 85% the size of the front parcel is not to be developed.

Item 6 Discussion with Mr. Zimmerman concerning the Colonial Village subdivision plan.

Located to the rear and south of the Epiphany Lutheran Church in the vicinity of Colonial Rd. and Earl Dr.

The original plan has expired. The original plan was, or now consists of three parcels of land. One principal is Eric Kessler. One parcel has been sold or is under sales agreement with Sheesley’s (Possibly a neighbor with adjoining property). A second parcel consists of approximately 2-1/2 acres including the house and barn, which is owned by Eric Kessler, is rented out and not included at this time to be developed. The third parcel is intended to be developed. The name of the development has been changed from Colonial Village to The Homestead of Colonial (Village). The proposal is for 157 +3 townhouses, ranging from 2 units attached to 8 units attached. Roadway entrance moved farter to the south than original plan. Left hand turn lane from southbound Colonial Rd. No additional widening of Colonial Rd. Re-build Penn Creek 5 pumping station. Seeking 8 Waivers. No sidewalks. 28 ft wide cart ways including a 4 ft walkway in the street vs. standard 36 ft wide cartway. Slanted curbing. A few others that I didn’t quite hear.

Personal comment: Swan really needs to address this. Lots of opposition from the Supervisors, especially regarding road width and no sidewalks.

We need to note that invariably all new developments have requested clustering and include townhouses with lot sizes of one-quarter (1/4) acre per home, under the guise of age restricted, since the adoption of the new zoning ordinances. The R-1 zoning of one detached house per one-half acre is being destroyed. This is also in conflict with the County Planning Commissions report that the Township has too much R-1 and suggested changing some of it to AG, which carries a much larger lot size than R-1.

Note: Mr. Kessler is purchasing adjoining land on the same side of the street to the south, which abuts the new strip mall. Presently, the Epiphany Lutheran Church is the owner. The church purchased the land originally to construct a school there.