SWAN Newsletter #6

September 14, 2006


(7:00 – 8:00 PM)

Attended and reported by Ted Robertson.

A memo was distributed to all attending, concerning fire suppression requirements in the township ordinance, which were more restrictive than the PAUCC code. At the Supervisors’ meeting of Sept. 5, 2006, the Supervisors rescinded this more restrictive portion of the township ordinance by passing Ordinance 06-07.

(Comment- Public Safety Committee comments should have been solicited prior to above ordinance approval.)

This subject and the subject of the replacement of 9 pieces of equipment for the 3 fire departments will be discussed at the Oct. 10, 2006 Supervisors Workshop Session.

A total of 10 intersections have been identified for pre-emptive signalization for emergency vehicles. Budget will allow only 3 to be installed this year.

The vacancy on the Public Safety Committee should be filled after the 1st of 2007.

Next meeting Oct. 12, 2006 at 7:00 PM.

September 28, 2006


(7:00 – 7:50 PM)

Attended and reported by Ted Robertson.

Docket 1216, involving property at 5399 Jonestown Road was an extension of a previously granted variance. This was necessary to obtain a building permit, which contained revisions made necessary by recently enacted Comprehensive Plan.

Dockets 1217 and 1218 involved properties owned and soon to be owned by Shoffatall Associates at 5940 Linglestown Road. 1217 involved a porch to be added at the restaurant, which did not meet the set back ordinance. 1218 involved parking requirements, which did not meet the necessary minimum area of impervious land required. Bill Horning represented Shoffstall Associates for these variance requests.

Two comments/questions:
1.) Should an elected township officer represent a client before any board or commission?
2.) No questions were asked concerning the five requirements needed to grant a variance.

October 3, 2006


(7:30 – 8:20 PM)

Attended and reported by Ted Robertson.

Under public comment Mark Levine stressed the need for the Supervisors to upgrade the roadways as the township is being developed. Mark said that on this day he was detoured twice in his travels because of accidents. One was in Linglestown; the other at the intersection of Devonshire and Colonial Roads, on the way to this meeting.

All of the business conducted was fairly straightforward and was passed by a 5-0 vote by the Board; the exception was the agreement with Conway Associates, under Subdivision and Land Development. Conway Associates did not provide complete answers to the township’s request for information. This item was postponed to await complete information.

October 10, 2006


Attended by Mark Levine, Eric Epstein and Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.

Mark Levine presented six items in response to the Dauphin County Planning Commission’s response to LP Twp’s new Comprehensive Plan. (See Mark or Eric for a copy of SWAN’s presentation.) The representative from the county and those attending essentially agreed with four of the six items presented. The Dauphin County representative agreed to drawing up a proposed policy statement to be presented to all concerned for review. This policy statement would include SWAN’s presentation, as well as other items discussed at this meeting.

The other presentations were presented at prior meetings.

October 10, 2006


(7:55 – 9:50 PM)

Attended and reported by Ted Robertson.

Under public comment, Ted Robertson asked about the Quail Hollow litigation for phases 3 & 4, since it was noted that road bases are being installed in these areas. George Wolfe and the attorney stated that this was allowable, but the case is still in litigation.

Most of this meeting was devoted to a heated discussion between the Twp. Fire Chiefs and officers, and the Supervisors. This was in respect to the Supervisors suspending a part of the fire suppression ordinance that was more restrictive than the P.U.C.C. fire code. This suspension was covered in a previous report. Both groups agreed to a meeting Jan. 9, 2007, where alternatives will be presented for discussion and possible approval.

Arora and Associates presented the final design plan for traffic flow through Linglestown. There will be a public meeting on the 15th or 16th of November. After PennDot approval, the project will go out for bids probably early next year.
(OPINION) The plan looks good, but a strong driver education program will be needed for those people who use these roads daily. There will be two “run arounds”, one at the square, and the other at the West end of Linglestown, near the firehouse. People will have to get used to the fact that Route 39 will no longer be a “through” route.

Colonial Park United Methodist Church presented a plan for expansion and site modifications. Included will be a re-alignment of the intersection of Valley Road and Colonial Road to eliminate the present offset intersection. All comments were favorable.

October 11, 2006


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

ROSEWOOD – Preliminary/Final Subdivision Plan for the 19.8 acre tract near the southeast corner of Colonial Road & Earl Drive on which Micki Molinari & Barbara Greenberg are proposing 33 residential units consisting of 17 single units, 5 double units, and 2 triple units. The tract is zoned R-1 with a Residential Cluster Overlay. At last month¹s meeting the plan was reviewed and because of some of the requirements of the new zoning ordinance the plan needed to be revised and was therefore not acted on. A revised plan has been submitted and has been reviewed by the township but HRG engineers have not yet finished their review.

An application for 2 variances has been made to the Zoning Hearing Board and they will be heard at the ZHB¹s meeting on October 26, 2006. They are requests for relief from the minimum lot size for the multi-family units and from the steep slope requirements for 6 of the 33 units. There were no new county comments on the plan. Eric Epstein spoke in support of the plan, which provides over 40% contiguous open space, and in support of the continued cooperation among the applicants, the township and the residents.

The new zoning ordinance’s parking requirement for 3 spaces per unit was again discussed. A parking plan was submitted showing that with parking on one side of the street which will have a 30-foot cart way width the new requirement can be met. It was also mentioned that some of the units would actually have 3-car garages, which will help meet the requirement.

The deadline for the Planning Commission to take action on this plan is December 11. The plan was tabled until next month pending the outcome of the ZHB rulings and of the HRG review.

SHULER ALL PRO CAR WASH, LINGLESTOWN ROAD – Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan. No revised plans had been received so this plan was tabled.

4800 LINGLESTOWN ROAD – Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan. This plan was tabled at the applicant’s request.

TOWNES AT AUTUMN VIEW – Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan. This 3.6 acre tract zoned R-2 is located east of Griffin Street between Warren Avenue and Jerome Blvd. to the east of Koons Park. The proposed plan by McNaughton Builders calls for 18 town homes in 3 units of 6 homes each on a private road. A legal issue with the right-of-way along Griffin Street at the entrance to the site was noted and will need to be resolved with counsel and the solicitor. Staff, county and HRG comments have been received. The commission recommended approval of the plan including all the waivers and recognizing all the comments.

HARRISBURG CHURCH OF CHRIST – Preliminary/Final Re-Subdivision Plan. The church property is between Miller Road and Ricker Road just south of Jonestown Road near the Colonial Park Shopping Center. The request is to combine a 0.4-acre parcel of church property with the larger adjacent parcel to create a single property. No construction work is involved. The applicant has no problem with any of the comments that have been received. Several waivers have been requested. The commission recommended approval of the plan including all the waivers except the one requesting relief from the installation of sidewalk and curbing on Miller Road.

KENDALE OAKS, PHASE V – Final Subdivision Plan. This phase of the Kendale Oaks development will consist of 34 single-family homes on 19.5 acres zoned R-1 east of Conway Road and west of Nyes Road. The application includes the request for 7 waivers, which are carried over from the previous phases. County, township, and HRG comments have been received and no exceptions have been taken by the applicant. The commission recommended approval of the plan including the previous waivers and the various comments.

CANDLEWOOD SUITES – Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan. This application is for a 3-story 93 room hotel to be located on a 4.3 acre parcel zoned CN Neighborhood Commercial on the northwest corner of North Mountain Road and Lockwillow Avenue. The single entrance drive will be from Lockwillow Avenue opposite the drive to the Country Oven restaurant and the motel. The new hotel will be an extended stay facility with suites and no restaurant. County, township, and HRG comments have been received and pose no problems for the applicant. The commission recommended approval of the plan including 2 waiver requests and the various comments.

October 12, 2006


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

The proposed zoning change of the 33 acre portion of the 48 acre parcel of Stray Winds Farm that is in Susquehanna Township from R-1, Low Density Residential, to R-2, Medium Density Residential, was brought before the board for a vote. It was stated that the rezoning would allow for the addition of approximately 18 homes to the tract but that it would result in the developer agreeing to pay the entire cost of the improvements to the intersection of Paxton Church Road and Progress Avenue, estimated at approximately $111,000. It was understood that the township would enter into a “developer’s agreement” with Triple Crown to this effect and that this would serve to offset the resulting increase in the number of homes. It was also understood that the “bike-hike” trail being included in Lower Paxton Township would be extended through the Susquehanna Township portion of the development. The board thanked Mark DiSanto for his cooperation with the township and the neighbors throughout the planning phase of the project and voted unanimously to approve the rezoning request.

October 12, 2006


(7:00 – 7:30 PM)

Attended and reported by Ted Robertson.

All business covered in this meeting was fairly straightforward. One positive came out of this meeting under the heading of Review of October 10 Workshop Meeting with the Twp Supervisors regarding fire suppression. The need for better communication between the two groups has been obvious ever since the Supervisors voided a fire suppression ordinance more restrictive than the P.A.U.C.C. fire code without the Safety Committee’s input. The two groups will be meeting January 9, 2007 to discuss alternative proposals.

October 17, 2006


(7:30 – 8:30 PM)

Attended and reported by Ted Robertson.

There were no items of significant interest to SWAN at this meeting. There was no reason given for the withdrawal of the two Colonial Village items under subdivisions and Land Development. Of minor interest was the transfer of the liquor license to the proposed Hoss’s at 4220 Linglestown Road, which will include a mini-brewery