SWAN Newsletter #59

June 21, 2011
(7:30 PM – 8:05 PM)

Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.

Under Old Business: Ordinance 11-03, the Text Amendment concerning the development of Stray Winds Farm was tabled for lack of an adequate notification time period.

The Supervisors unanimously approved an agreement with Ballard King and Associates to provide an operations performance audit of the Friendship Center.

The Supervisors unanimously approved the adoption of procurement procedures for pension plan professional services in Resolution 11-10.

The Supervisors unanimously approved Resolution 11-11 adopting a conflict of interest policy applicable to those public officials, employees, and service providers responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Townships employee pension plans.

Under New Business: The Supervisors unanimously approved the preliminary/final land development plan for the Lower Paxton Volunteer Fireman’s Association, Inc. (10-11). This is an expansion of the South Central EMS operations building next to the Paxtonia Fire Department.

July 5, 2011
(7:30 PM – 8:15 PM)

Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.

Under Public Comment: A resident of Centennial Acres complained that a storm water swale adjacent to her property has not been maintained by the Township and is causing flooding on neighboring properties. The Township will investigate.

Under Old Business: The Supervisors approved a lease agreement for fitness equipment at the Friendship Center with Municipal Capital Corporation in the amount of $54,601.00 over a 10 year period.

The Supervisors unanimously approved a Settlement Agreement (contract buy-out) with the Capital Tax Collection Bureau in regard to lease of space at the Municipal Center.

Under New Business: The Supervisors unanimously approved Change Orders # 3 and 4 with Rogele, Inc. for roadway paving and storm water damage repairs in a total amount of approximately $30,000.00. Part of this expense may be reimbursed by FEMA.

July 6, 2011

Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Nyes Run Greenway Parks & Recreation Department Director Brian Leutchford reviewed for the committee the status of the planning for this proposed trail. The May meeting with representatives from DEP and DCNR resulted in the determination that they approved of the effort to create the trail as a pilot project but considered it by itself to be too small a project to qualify for a state grant. The state suggested that the township try to combine it with a needed storm water management project to make state aid more feasible.

There are no township funds available at this time for any project but the committee agreed to continue the planning process for the trail to be ready when things change. The process will begin with the delineation of wetlands along the mile and a half trail location and the creation of a plan of the trail itself including the location of any needed bridges. Contact can then be made with the Kendell Oaks development and with the one private property owner involved to obtain the necessary trail easements. Township engineer HRG will be contacted to provide a quote to do the survey work necessary to get the planning underway.

Sidewalk Tour In May the committee members toured the locations they had previously identified where the construction of short sections of new sidewalks could connect existing developments or complete loops. At this meeting they prioritized them down to the best four locations and after getting an estimated cost per linear foot will go on record with the supervisors as their recommendation for possible future consideration. The locations had been identified on the township’s Greenway Plan as pedestrian walkways.

They also discussed the need to have existing crosswalks clearly identified with painted stripes particularly near schools and where there are handicapped ramps at intersections. A problem arises when streets are repaved that often the painted designation is not included. Committee members have scheduled a tour of all schools to identify locations where this problem exists.

Recreation Dedication Ordinance The Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance of 2009 (SALDO), recently adopted by the supervisors, has a revised section covering the required dedication of land for recreation or payment of a fee by developers related to construction of new residential units. It refers to the township’s Recreation Plan which does not formally exist so a new document will be created from material currently part of the department’s park plan to satisfy this requirement.

July 6, 2011

Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Heroes Grove The previous plan to possibly use excess fill donated by the contractor for this year’s township sewer projects to do rough grading for the proposed memorial amphitheater in Brightbill Park has been scrapped. The committee reported to the township that they were unable to agree on proceeding with the actual project in the foreseeable future.

Kohl Park Handball Representatives from an organization from Harrisburg that has been running handball tournaments on the courts at Kohl Park and elsewhere thanked the board for allowing them to use the township’s facility. They made a presentation describing the growing interest in handball in the area and the resulting benefits to inner city youths in particular.

Softball Field Sam Hartley from the Linglestown Softball Association has been working with the township for some time on plans to reconstruct the backstop, dugouts and storage building at Field #1 in Koons Park. If approved he plans to do most of the work himself and stated that the project will be completed before winter. The association will be funding the entire project. He presented a drawing showing the plan and stated that the structures will be split face block matching those on buildings in the rest of the park. He will obtain approval from the township building inspector and will address any issues regarding site drainage. The board voted to approve the project.

Naming Request A request to name the entire Koons Park Sports Complex for a certain individual was tabled until at least April 2012.

Board Vacancies Vacancies exist on the Parks & Recreation Board and on the Arts Council. The board has a list of interested applicants and they will be interviewed in the next week or so.

Recreation Plan The recently updated SALDO ordinance refers to developers’ required compliance with the township’s Recreation Plan which at present does not formally exist. The staff will generate a plan using the existing Recreation and Park Plan as a guide and will present it to the board for approval at their August meeting. The solicitor will also need to approve it and it needs to be in place before any new residential development plan is submitted.

July 12, 2011
(6:00 PM – 6:40 PM)

Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.
Absent: Bill Hornung

The Authority unanimously approved Change Order # 1 for the PC3B/BC1A Contract in the amount of $16,100.00 for storm water improvements and time extension.

The Authority unanimously approved Change Order # 2 for the ARA Contract which reduced the contract by $96,779.00 by using lining rather than replacement of the sewer line.

The Authority unanimously approved Change Order # 3 for the ARA Contract for the Red Lobster lateral replacement in the amount of $21,000.00.

The Authority voted 4-0 to approve Change Order # 1 for the PCIA/1C Contact for rock removal for a new sewer trench in the amount of $7,000.00. This is for the lateral to the Manor House at Stray Winds Farms as reported earlier.

The Authority approved the purchase of a new flusher truck in the amount of $183,283.00.

July 12, 2011
(6:450 PM – 9:10 PM)

Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.
Absent: Bill Hornung

The Planning Commission presented its Preliminary Plan for a Business Improvement District (BID) to the Supervisors. The Commission selected the Route 22 corridor from the original four areas proposed. The area involved will be from Colonial Road to the Harley Davidson dealership. If the Plan is adopted, a BID board will be appointed. The Board’s areas of concern will be traffic improvements, beautification, and advertising. This plan is a result of several years of meetings with the involved businesses and much research of other BID’s throughout the country.

Representatives of the three volunteer fire departments expressed some concerns to the Supervisors with respect to the Township contribution to the fire equipment capital fund, decreasing income from fund raising efforts which require significant hours on behalf of the volunteers, and increased medical call responses. The Supervisors and Staff will review these concerns. A regularly scheduled meeting such as this one was suggested.

Mr. Wolfe presented an update regarding the Susquehanna Municipal Insurance Trust (Workers Compensation). As a result of good performances in this area, the Township received a dividend of $56,748.00 for the year 2010.

M. Hogentogler presented a review of the Public Works Safety Rodeo. This is a competition involving written tests, and equipment operator’s skills. Mr. Hogentogler presented slides of the last Rodeo in which Lower Paxton Township participants did very well.

A representative of Frederick and Linda Givens asked the Supervisors to review the Planning Commission recommendation to deny a waiver for sidewalks for subdivision plan 11-05. This property is on the south side of Valley Road adjacent to the Route 83 overpass.

Mr. Wolfe reviewed the proposal from Constellation Energy to extend the Township’s contract for electricity and to provide service for street lights. This will be addressed at a future business meeting.

July 13, 2011

Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Linglestown Fire Company – Preliminary/Final Subdivision & Stormwater Improvement Plan #11-06 This submission involves minor changes to the lot lines of the three adjacent lots on the south side of Linglestown Road on which the two buildings of the fire company are located. It also involves minor change to the stormwater control plan on the western lot where the new firehouse is located. The properties are in the Village zoning district.

The Linglestown Road construction project, which included a new roundabout in front of the lots and the resulting slight relocation of a portion of Pennsylvania Avenue, now requires some minor revisions to the property lines. The regrading of an area near the new firehouse will redirect stormwater which will minimize a winter icing problem. The commissioners recommended approval of plan.

Shoppes at Susquehanna Marketplace – Sketch Plan #11-07 The sketch plan presented is for the construction of two new retail buildings to the east of the existing shopping center buildings on the south side of Valley Road. The existing shopping center buildings and the nearby old Olivetti building are in Susquehanna Township but the eastern portion of the proposed new development is on three lots which are in Lower Paxton Township. The smaller of the two buildings will be between the Olivetti building and Caughey Drive in Susquehanna Township. The larger one will be east of Caughey Drive and west of Ridgeview Road and will straddle the township line.

An intermittent stream which is a tributary of Paxton Creek runs east to west through the middle of the site and it would be relocated to the north and run just on the south side of Valley Road. Because the new buildings and parking lots will be large, stormwater detention will have to be underground. The commissioners expressed concern for the increase in traffic on Valley Road since it will provide the only access to the new buildings. A new traffic study will undoubtedly be required. The applicant indicated they expect to have a formal preliminary plan ready to submit to both townships in September.

Business Improvement District The commissioners presented the BID preliminary plan for the proposed Colonial Corridor Improvement District to the supervisors at their workshop meeting the evening before this meeting. The supervisors took no formal action on the plan but appeared to be in favor of the concept. The commissioners hoped to be able to get the approval process underway before the merchants involved in the proposed district get into the busy holiday season.

July 19, 2011
(7:30 PM – 8:10 PM)

Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.

Under Old Business: The Supervisors unanimously approved the agreements with Constellation Energy for the purchase of electricity for Township buildings and street lights. This should result in a savings of approximately $60,000.00 in 2012.

The Supervisors unanimously approved the bid of Lear Electric in the amount of $49,615.00 for electrical energy improvements at the Friendship Center.

Under New Business: The Supervisors voted 5-0 to approve Resolution 11-12 authorizing Lower Paxton Township police officers to make warrantless arrests under Section 8902 of Title 42 of the PA Consolidated Statutes. This brings the Township into line with State requirements.

Under Subdivision and Land Development: The Supervisors unanimously approved the preliminary/final subdivision plan for Kings Point (11-04). This merely subdivides one parcel into two parcels.

July 21, 2011

Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Representatives from the design engineering company and the contractor were present to give the committee updates on the Linglestown Road construction project and to answer questions. The final major construction items will be started the week of July 25 with the milling process on the streets to prepare them for the laying of the final wearing course. Driving restrictions will be in place during that time. The paving should be done by the second week in August weather permitting. It was noted that the final paving would not be done on days of excessive heat. A number of questions and concerns were raised as the project comes to a close. Some will be addressed during Penndot’s final inspection and others will be investigated before that.

At some of the handicapped ramps the curbs protrude above the ramps causing a potential tripping hazard particularly at night and following a snow event when they cannot be seen. It was stated that the ramps meet ADA requirements. However the committee will send a letter to Penndot to be on record that they tried to address the possible liability problem without success.

The street lights the committee chose had shields which would direct the light down. The lights installed have no shield which allows the light to go up and out wasting energy and creating a problem for the second floor bedrooms in houses along the street. PP&L will provide shields if they are paid for them. The committee asked the engineer and contractor to investigate how the problem arose and what can be done about it. (Note: re the light shields, the question is if the shields will in fact be provided. The committee originally asked for them along with other items on their request list but Penndot didn’t always spec what the committee requested and PP&L only provided what Penndot had in their specifications which did not include shields. PP&L will provide them if someone pays for them. George Wolfe promised to investigate so there may be a answer at next week’s committee meeting. Stay tuned.)

The contractor will be installing benches and trash cans around the square and erecting the new flagpole and planting grass in the roundabout. They will also reinstall the monument and stone at the base of the flagpole. The flags for the square will be supplied by the American Legion and the fire company. Any other plantings will be supplied and maintained by one or more of the local civic groups. It was noted that after the construction is finished property owners will be responsible for cutting the grass between their properties and the street. The township will be responsible for emptying the new trash cans along the street.

The proprietor of Lio’s Pizza reported that his problem with stormwater on his property and in his basement that had begun at the beginning of the project had never been addressed. He was told that rain water that was discharged onto the street can no longer be handled that way. It was noted that the same problem now exists with a number of other properties on the north side of the road. The open question which needs to be addressed is where can the water go if not into the street and then into the storm drains.

Penndot has placed signs on the roads indicating the limit of the sizes of trucks that are allowed to come through town. It was agreed that the signs are not effective since they are too small and are at locations where even if seen it is too late for drivers to turn around.

There will be a formal ribbon cutting ceremony at the completion of the project to be attended by state and local officials. The date for this has not been set. A representative from the merchants’ association reported that they will be having their Fall Festival in October which will include an Antique Road Show type event, several walking tours and other activities celebrating the end of the community improvement project.

August 2, 2011
(7:30 PM – 8:10 PM)

Attended by Eric Epstein, Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.
Absent: Bill Hawk

Under Public Comment: Eric Epstein proposed a crime watch partnership with the Township in light of the increased incidence of crime in the Township.

Under Old Business: The Supervisors unanimously approved a Settlement Agreement for the withdrawal of Weis Markets Plan 06-13.

The Supervisors voted 4-0 to approve Ordinance 11-06 amending Article 170 of the Codified Ordinances involving Stormwater Management, Drainage, and Erosion Control. These are minor changes needed to conform to the County plan.

August 3, 2011

Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Autumn Oaks Trail Joel McNaughton representing McNaughton Homes presented a request to make improvements to the walking trail they built on the north side of Phase 1 of the Autumn Oaks development. The residential development now under construction is located at the north end of Patton Road. The trail is part of the required developer’s contribution of recreational facilities. About a thousand feet of trail was built last year topped with loose crushed stone but it has deteriorated and has not been used. The developer proposes to rebuild the trail at his expense with more permanent asphalt paving and proper drainage and install signage at the entrance. The committee recommended some conditions that will need to be discussed further and approved forwarding the concept to the Parks & Recreation Board for their consideration.

Nyes Run Greenway Parks & Recreation Department director Brian Luetchford reported that he is waiting for HRG, the township’s engineers, to submit a proposal to do the wetlands delineation and a trail plan which needs to be done before any formal contact is made with the private landowners involved. He also reported that since the state has indicated that the project is probably too small to be eligible for a state grant he is looking at other options for funding.

Sidewalk/Crosswalk Tour Committee members toured almost all of the schools in the township to identify locations where they felt new crosswalks were needed, where existing crosswalks were not properly marked, or where the markings were in need of being repainting. To create a new crosswalk the police would need to complete a traffic study. The committee recommended that a new crosswalk be created across North Mountain Road at the Linglestown Elementary School. Repainting existing crosswalks where needed can be done by the township. The committee noted a number of locations where repainting would be requested.

2012 Budget Mr. Luetchford reported that he has started working on the budget for next year and that it will include initial planning for the Nyes Run Greenway, construction of short sections of sidewalks as previously identified, and the crosswalk work noted above.

August 3, 2011

Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Heroes Grove Update The Heroes Grove leadership reported that they will not be proceeding with their original plan to construct an outdoor amphitheater at Brightbill Park. Consideration will be given to a smaller project at Koons Park, Brightbill Park, or elsewhere in the county.

Kohl Park Handball Parks & Recreation Department Director Brian Luetchford reported that the handball courts at Kohl Park were used during the recent Keystone Games. He mentioned that the township had done some needed repairs to them prior to the games.

Softball Field Sam Hartley from the Linglestown Softball Association has plans to make significant improvements to Field #1 at Koons Park including new dugouts, backstop and storage facilities. As the board had previously asked, he reviewed the plans with the township’s Public Works director. The director requested additional information regarding code items, site drainage, electrical work and insurance. It was recognized that the project being done mostly by one individual needed to comply with code requirements and best practices. A board member suggested that every effort should be made not to stand in the way of having the donated project delayed any longer than necessary.

Board Vacancies Interviews were held for candidates to fill vacancies on the Arts Council and the Parks & Recreation Board. An additional candidate is now being considered for the Arts Council. Someone was selected for the P&R board and that board will recommend that person to the supervisors who make the final decision.

Recreation Plan At last month’s meeting Mr. Luetchford advised the board that due to the provisions in the new SALDO ordinance the township needed to have an official Recreation Plan in place. This plan includes the updated provisions for developers to contribute land for recreation or pay a fee in lieu for new residential developments. He prepared a plan by updating the older unofficial plan and presented it to the board for their action. The board approved the plan and directed that it be forwarded to the supervisors and the solicitor for final action.

August 9, 2011
(6:00 PM – 8:40 PM)

Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.
Absent: David Blain

Under Public Comment: A number of residents from Forest Hills had complaints about significant damage from storm water run-off & a sewer back-up as a result of the storm Saturday night into Sunday morning August 6 and 7, 2011. The Township will investigate all complaints and report back to the residents. Mr. Hornung noted that the municipalities cannot plan for nor pass regulations to handle such occurrences as happened that night.

Mr. Robbins presented pictures of the damage that occurred throughout the Township during this storm. Damage to roadways, storm drainage infrastructure and guide rails were significant to say the least. Several rain gauges in L. P Township reported rainfall amounts of from 6″ to 7″ in a period of three (3) hours. Note: This would be the equivalent of 704 tons of water or 11,264,000 gallons of water on a one acre property on level ground. Of course most of this water was moving rapidly.

The Township is preparing a State of Emergency Declaration to the Federal Government for approval at the August 16, 2011 Board of Supervisors meeting. Another note: Lower Paxton Township had 5 swift water rescues during the course of this storm.

Mr. Robbins developed a grant application under the Federal Automated Red Light Enforcement grant program. This would be in the amount of $90,000.00 for the purchase of new controllers to replace the outdated controllers on the Route 22 corridor. The Supervisors favored the grant application.

Mr. Wolfe reviewed the 2nd quarter 2011 Key Indicator Report. There was too much detail for this report. Suffice to say that income is up 9% and expenses are up 2% for the first half of 2011.

The Supervisors were requested by the County to prioritize the four grant applications under the Dauphin County Local Share Grant fund (gaming funds). The results were as follows (1) The bridge over Beaver Creek between Lower Paxton Township and West Hanover Township (Old Route 22); (2) Finish construction of Linglestown Fire Company facilities; (3) Finishing Blackberry Alley; (4) Traffic improvements at Blue Ridge Avenue and Mountain Road.

There was a discussion concerning the ribbon cutting ceremonies for the Village of Linglestown Project. Final plans will be approved by the Merchants Association and the Village of Linglestown Committee.