SWAN Newsletter #48

July 20, 2010
(7:30 PM – 7:50 PM)

Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.
Absent: David Blain, Bill Hornung.

Chairman Bill Hawk presented Mr. Henry Ricci with a plaque and a proclamation for his 25 years of service in the Senior Van Program in L.P. Township. It should be noted that Mr. Ricci has been a resident of the Township since 1924, and has served his country in World War II and the Korean Conflict, is 90 years young and still active.

Under New Business: The Supervisors unanimously accepted the low bid of E. K. Services, Inc., of $164,840.00 for sanitary sewer maintenance and emergency services.

The Supervisors approved Resolution 10-20, authorizing the submission of a Local Grant Share application to Dauphin County by the Linglestown Fire Company in the amount of $425,000.00.

The Supervisors approved Resolution 10-21 authorizing the submission of a Local Grant Share application to Dauphin County for improvements to Page and Spring Creek Roads in the amount of $250,000.00.

August 3, 2010
(7:30 PM – 8:10 PM)

Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.
Bill Hornung missed the 1st two (2) items. (Public Night Out for Safety)

UNDER OLD BUSINESS: The Supervisors voted 4 – 0 to accept Raspberry Alley east of North Mountain Road to Balthauser Street as a public right-of-way.

UNDER NEW BUSINESS: The Supervisors voted 4 – 0 to accept the bid of Pro-Mark Landscaping in the amount of $28,875.00 for tree removal services in the PCIA/IC sewer mini-basin.

The Supervisors voted 5 – 0 to accept the bid of Roegle, Inc., in the amount of $869,000.00 for road paving and storm sewer replacement work to be finished by the end of the bituminous paving season this year.

The Supervisors voted unanimously to approve Resolution 10-22 accepting the annual Municipal Winter Traffic Services Agreement with PENNDOT in the amount of $24,539.00.

The Supervisors voted unanimously to approve Resolution 10-23 authorizing the acquisition of the road right-of-way from property identified as 4300 Meadowcrest Road for a temporary construction easement in conjunction with the Stray Winds Farms project.

The Supervisors voted unanimously to approve Resolution 10-24 authorizing the submission of a Local Grant Share application to Dauphin County by the Colonial Park Fire Company in the amount of $289,989.00.

August 4, 2010

Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Officers Since there was only a bare quorum of members present the election of officers scheduled for this meeting was postponed until next month’s meeting.

Brochure The draft of the Walking Opportunities Brochure the committee has been working on is almost completed and should be ready for an initial printing next month. Since there is not money available at this time for a complete printing and distribution an in house printing will provide enough copies to distribute in order to be able to evaluate local interest. It might be possible to find a local sponsor to cover the cost of a professional printing.

Shadebrook Roy Newsome, a committee member and a member of the Planning Commission, gave the committee an overview of the proposed Shadebrook project which if built would be the first development in the township built conforming to the provisions of the new Traditional Neighborhood Development zoning district. This would be a higher density residential project with a central retail area. The committee was interested in the planned walkways and open space areas and the opportunities to have future pedestrian connections to adjacent developments.

Sidewalks The committee members have each taken a different portion of the township in which to identify priority locations where the installation of sidewalks would fill in gaps between developments which have sidewalks and elsewhere where sidewalks are not continuous. No work will be able to be done in the foreseeable future but the intent is to identify high priority locations for the future when work could begin.
August 4, 2010

Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Dogs on Park Property Recently, with the agreement of the District Justices, the police have begun to enforce the law that requires dogs in the township parks other than the Dog Park to be on a leash no longer than six feet. One resident registered a strong complaint stating that he should be able to allow his large dogs to run free at the park near his home as he always had.

Joint Meeting The Friendship Center Operating Board requested a joint meeting with the P&R Board to discuss how best to coordinate the township’s indoor and outdoor recreational programs. It was agreed that the meeting would be scheduled for 6:00 pm on Wednesday, September 8th.

Paintball At last month’s meeting it was agreed that the township would execute a license agreement with the operator of the Linglestown Paintball facility at Wolfersberger Park that would allow him to continue operations when the township becomes the owner of the park property in January. Parks & Recreation Department Director Brian Luetchford will contact other similar operations in the area for guidance on establishing a fair rental fee to include in the agreement.

Heros Grove The placing of fill by the sewer contractor at the location in Brightbill Park for the proposed amphitheater has been delayed since detailed plans from the designer for the project are not yet available.

Wolfersberger/Koons Park Planning The township supervisors had agreed to allow the P&R board and staff to begin the planning process for the future development of Wolfersberger Park and the possible revamping of Koons Park. The initial activity, as was done at the beginning of the planning for George Park, would be the gathering of information from the community regarding their wishes and priorities for the kinds of park facilities that could be provided. It was decided that a public meeting would be held at 7:00 pm on November 17th at the township building to begin the process. It was agreed that the public would be advised up front that this was only an initial information gathering meeting and that there were no funds available for any serious planning or actual work in the foreseeable future.

August 5, 2010
(7:00 PM – 7:40 PM)

Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.

Docket 1281 was a continuation of a hearing for a variance from sign size requirements for a sign at Gilligan’s Restaurant at Houcks Road and Route 22. The request was to increase the bottom sign area by 12 square feet to become a message board. The Board agreed to the variance request by a vote of 3-1.

Docket 1282 was a request for a variance from the setback requirement for backyards at 1253 Barley Corn Square. This was for a covered deck on the footprint of an existing ground level patio. The applicant had the neighbor’s approval. The Board granted the variance by a vote of 4-0.

August 10, 2010
(6:10 PM – 9:10 PM)

Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.

George Wolfe & Staff presented a report of the fiscal status of the Township for the period ending the 2nd quarter of this fiscal year. Despite a lack of development, the fiscal status this year is much improved over 2009 at the same time. A surplus of $173,000 is projected for 2010 year end. Pre-draft budgets were presented for the 2011 fiscal year. This draft mirrors the 2010 fiscal year budget with some minor increases. Income is projected at $17.3M & expenses are projected at $17.9M producing a $600,000 deficit for the 2011 fiscal year.

Public Safety Director Johnson gave a brief presentation of the guidelines for the use of Police Federal Forfeiture Funds per direction of the Federal government. These are monies, vehicles, & property confiscated from drug dealers.

There was continued discussion on the proposed solar farm at the closed municipal landfill. Apparently there is a meter on site, so metering is not a problem. Most of the discussion involved the pros & cons of Township ownership vs. 3rd party leasing.

Mark DiSanto gave a presentation on behalf of Triple Crown Corporation regarding the potential to rezone the Stray Winds Farms Development to an R-2 zoning district. The plan will remain exactly the same as agreed to by SWAN & the Township regarding density, road improvements, buffer zones, a park & walkway. By rezoning to R-2, no variance will be required, & the project will be able to move forward. Guaranteeing that the existing plan will remain intact indefinitely is the key question. Mark also invited the Supervisors to the August 25th SWAN meeting.

Mr. Parmer answered the questions raised by the Supervisors regarding waivers for the Pleasant Meadows Development. Roadways were widened & walkways were delineated. On street parking will be limited. The cul-de-sac will be expanded to the diameter required by the Township ordinance. The only question remaining is whether the recreational facilities qualify to offset the “fee-in-lieu of” required by the Township.

August 11, 2010

Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Old Business

Ordinance #09-16 – Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance Several last minute proposed changes to the revised SALDO regarding Section 504, Easements, concerning areas in the flood plain, were noted. The commissioners recommended approval of the proposed changes.

New Business

Estates of Forest Hills, Phase 7, Lot 141, Kensington Way, Burton H. & Carol A Snyder and Leslie A. & Dana Packer – Preliminary/Final Re-Subdivision Plan # 10-07 This plan is a simple lot line adjustment between Lot 141 and two adjacent lots all totaling 9.4 acres. The change will eliminate one lot line and move another thereby changing three lots into two lots. The commissioners recommended approval of the plan.

Holy Name of Jesus Parish, New Worship Facility – Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan #10-08 This project involves the construction of a new parish sanctuary on the existing Holy Name campus on Allentown Boulevard. The new 26,000 square foot building will seat 1400 and with new parking will involve 8.77 acres at the rear of the existing property. The existing 900 seat sanctuary will eventually be converted into instructional space. A planned later phase will make improvements to the existing roadways and parking areas in the front part of the campus. A variance request will be heard by the Zoning Hearing Board at their meeting on August 26th for relief from the setback requirement at the rear of the property. The commissioners recommended approval of the plan contingent upon a review with staff regarding numerous technical items.

Lot 5C, Sir Thomas Court – Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan #10-09 This project is the construction of a 2 story medical office building on a 3.36 acre lot between two similar existing buildings. A minor storm water drainage problem was noted and will be resolved between the township and the owner. The commissioners recommended approval of this plan.

August 16, 2010

Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

The commissioners continued their work on the development of a Business Improvement District (BID) in the township. The district would provide an organization of business property owners that would make a variety of improvements along the Route 22 business corridor to benefit all of the businesses.

At this meeting they reviewed all the work underway to complete the preliminary plan which is the first legal requirement for the establishment of the BID. These consist of a detailed map identifying every individual business property in the proposed district and a detailed written report. The name of the district would be the “Colonial Corridor Business Improvement District.” The report must include among other things a list of the proposed improvements and their estimated cost, the proposed budget for the first fiscal year, the proposed revenue sources, the estimated time for completion of the improvements, and information about the administrative body governing the district, its bylaws and the method of determining the assessment fee to be levied on the property owners within the BID.

The individual commissioners are each working on particular parts of the preliminary plan and most of the items are well underway. When the entire plan is completed the property owners will vote on whether or not to establish the BID. At least 40% of them must vote against it to defeat the establishment of the district. If they vote to approve the plan it must then be approved by the township before it can be legally created.
August 17, 2010
(7:30 PM – 7:45 PM)

Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.
Absent: David Blain

The authority voted 4 – 0 to approve Resolution 10-20 relinquishing the taking of property for a sanitary sewer easement from Sears Roebuck Company. This was done because Sears agreed to the terms of the easement. The Authority then voted 4 – 0 to accept the deed of dedication for the easement for the aforementioned property.
August 17, 2010
(7:45 PM – 8:30 PM)

Under Old Business: The Supervisors approved Resolution 10-25 unanimously. This Resolution opposes PA House Bill 2431 which provides for forced local government consolidation.

Under Subdivision and Land Development: The preliminary/final plan for 4220 Linglestown Road (08-01) was denied by a vote of 4 – 0. The last approved extension expires August 20, 2010. Since there are no other meetings before that date, the plan was denied.

The preliminary/final subdivision plan for 6690 Linglestown Road (east of Linglestown and north of Rte. 39) (10-05) was approved by a vote of 4 – 0.

The preliminary/final land development plan for Pheasant Meadows Independent Living Development (10-03) was continued to the September Workshop Meeting. This is the Parmer Trust property across Locust Lane from Vo-Tech.

The preliminary/final subdivision plan for John Delegram (10-06) was approved unanimously. This simply divides a 2.31 acre plot on Lyters Lane into two (2) plots.

August 19, 2010

Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

The Linglestown Road reconstruction project is moving along very well and appears to have reached about the halfway point. The paving of the south lane has been finished except for the wearing course and the one way west bound traffic has been shifted to that lane while rebuilding work has begun on the north lane. The plan at this time is for the work on the north lane and the installation of the wearing course on both lanes to be done in October. PennDOT requires that no paving work can be done after October 15th because of low temperatures but the contractor has submitted a waver request to allow work to continue until the end of October if necessary. The contractor is now working ten hour shifts five days a week in an effort to meet that schedule. In any case the two traffic circles will not be completed until next spring.

Utility lines are in on the south side of the road. This includes the water line which is being done under a separate contract. The storm drains and lines and the curbs and some of the sidewalks are in on the south lane. Less utility work will be involved on the north lane than was required on the south lane. The sidewalks are colored concrete stamped on the surface to resemble brick.

All of the east west alleys except Blackberry Lane east of Mountain Road will be paved this fall under a separate contract. Currently there is a serious dust problem in those unpaved alleys. When paved they will have speed tables which will help control traffic speed which is a problem in those alleys.

Final selection of trees to be planted throughout the project has been delayed since the prices for the trees selected have come in above budget. The choices of benches and waste receptacles have been finalized.

PennDOT planned to set the speed limit on Linglestown Road at 35 mph but the citizens think it should be 25 mph for safety reasons. After the project is completed PennDOT agreed to do a traffic study and base the final decision on the results of that. It is hoped that with the traffic circles, the parking areas and the narrowness of the road the decision will be to go with the slower speed limit.