SWAN Newsletter #29

August 26, 2008


(6:00 – 7:20 PM)

Attended and reported by Ted Robertson.

Under Public Comment, a couple owning a home on Route 39 at the west end of Linglestown were concerned about a problem with basement water and the effect of the replacement of the sewer line on this problem. It appears there was some confusion as to whether storm water or sewage was the cause of the problem. The Authority recommended that the residents call Mr. Weaver the next time this happens, and those people in the township responsible will visit the site to try to resolve the problem.

Under New Business, the Authority approved four items with Mr. Hornung voting by speakerphone.

1.) A sanitary sewer Easement Agreement with Susquehanna Riverside, Inc. (Mr. Kessler) was approved with Mr. Kessler getting 3 EDU’s for granting the easement.

2.) The purchase of a mini-excavator for the I & I rehab crew was approved.

3.) A resolution (08-09) decreasing the Authority members from 7 to 5 was forwarded to the Supervisors for approval. This was done at the Supervisors meeting scheduled for 8:00 PM this date.

4.) The Authority approved the sharing of costs of the modeling of the Spring Creek Interceptor. This action should result in the elimination of the restrictor in this line, which should be of benefit to all concerned.

Under Township Reports, Mr. Weaver summarized the Second Consent Decree meeting with DEP. Without going into detail, there appears to be no significant problems at this time.

Mr. Weaver also gave an update on the current construction projects in each of the drainage basins. There were no significant problems mentioned.

An update on the design of the Beaver Creek I & I partial sewer replacement has resulted in an apparent savings of approximately $650,000.

Apparently the offer for the purchase of the Authority property, lot 46 at 100 Russell Drive in Commerce Park, has been taken off the table.

August 26, 2008


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

New Business

Township Authority – Resolution #08-35 This resolution is to authorize an amendment to the Articles of Incorporation of the Township Authority to decrease the number of authority board members from seven to five. The authority itself at their meeting earlier in the evening passed an identical resolution. The supervisors made it official by passing their resolution.

There was no other business to come before the board at this meeting.

August 28, 2008


(7:00 – 9:05 PM)

Attended and reported by Ted Robertson.

Docket No. 1247 was a continuation of a hearing on an application of Sears Express/Valvoline for a variance from maximum area regulations for wall signs at the Sears property at 4600 Jonestown Road. Since there was no representative from Sears to verify the removal of existing illegal signs, the application was denied 3 – 0.

Docket No. 1249, the application of Kelly M. Myers to relocate a day care operation from 6122 Chatham Glenn Way to 6297 Harvestfield Lane in the Sunnyhill Farms development, was denied 3 – 0. Mrs. Myers wanted to operate a six child day care center, which is not permitted in a R-1 zoned area. Several neighbors presented petitions and the development’s list of deed restrictions to oppose this application.

Docket No. 1250, was an application of Giant Food Stores, LLC for a variance from the maximum number of freestanding signs in connection with a proposed monument sign at 4211 Union Deposit Road (former Denny’s at the Point Shopping Center). This was approved 3 – 0 on the condition that the monument sign be 7’0” tall, rather than 10’0” tall.

Docket No. 1251, an application of Continental Signs of York, PA for a variance from the maximum area for a wall sign and the maximum number of wall signs in connection with a multi-tenant building located in Colonial Commons at 5070-5116 Jonestown Road, was denied 2 – 1. This was an application on behalf of JoAnn Fabrics for extra signs to denote sales of additional products.

September 2, 2008


(7:30 PM – 8:35 PM)

Attended and reported by Ted Robertson.

Under Public Comment, SWAN Chairman, Eric Epstein thanked the Supervisors for meeting with the residents of Centennial Acres and the developer of Autumn Oaks and the Estates of Autumn Oaks on August 27, 2008 to discuss the concerns of the residents of Centennial Acres. It is anticipated that further discussions will take place at the September 9, 2008 Board of Supervisors Workshop session.

Under Old Business the Supervisors approved the appointment of five members to the Greenway Committee.

Resolution 08-36, authorizing the development of a dog park within Kohl Park, was approved 5 – 0.

Resolution 08-37, authorizing sponsor recognition for contributions made to fund the construction of a skate park proposed for George Park, was approved 5-0.

Resolution 08-38, authorizing the Township to procure EIT collections services from Berkheimer Associates either individually or through an intermunicipal cooperative, was approved 5-0.

After conducting a public hearing, Ordinance 08-08, amending chapter 110 of the Codified Ordinances by adding Section 110-19 concerning trash receptacles for restaurants with drive-through or take-out services, was approved 5-0.

Under New Business, a public hearing was held on Ordinance 08-11, allotting building permits in the Beaver Creek sanitary sewer basin. This was approved 5-0.

The following change orders for various sanitary sewer contracts were approved 5-0:

1.) Change order #7 for the Valley Road and Winfield Street contract.

2.) Change order #1 for the Linglestown Road sanitary sewer and force main contract.

3.) Change Orders #1 and #2 for the Earl Drive contract.

Action was taken to approve the partnering with Dauphin County Crime Stoppers on a grant application being submitted under the Uniform Local Share Municipal Grant program.

Similar action was approved for partnering with South Central EMS under the above program.

Under Subdivision and Land Development, the preliminary/final subdivision plan for Bumble Bee Golf Center was approved 5-0. This is a split zoned property and the zoning will remain the same.

The preliminary/final land development plan for the Children’s Evangelist Fellowship on South Mountain Road was approved 5-0.

September 9, 2009


Attended by Eric Epstein, Darwin Aurand, Eileen Hurley, Bill Bostic, Dr. Bennett Chotiner, Ken Parmer, Ted Robertson and Watson Fisher. Reported by Watson Fisher.

Soccer Fields Representatives from CASA, the Capital Area Soccer Association, had a discussion with the supervisors regarding the improvements to the fields at George Park. The township will be doing regular periodic improvements to the fields at the various parks and CASA wanted to review the proposed work at George Park.

Koons Pool Walter Shatto and Chuck Barto brought the supervisors up to date on the current status of the pool operation. The pool was late in opening this season and had very few family memberships resulting in an operating deficit of about $5000 at the end of the season. Mr. Shatto reported that after a thorough inspection of the facility he feels that there are no major problems with the pool itself and with the help of a group of dedicated board members and leaders that are now in place the pool can again be self sufficient and serve a large number of families. He asked the board for financial support to get over the current problem.

The board stated that they were concerned about the possible continuation of the lack of leadership that caused the problem this year and stated that the township should not be expected to be a source of continued financial support every year. Mr. Shatto said he was confident that with the plans that are now in place to canvas the area for members beginning immediately and to re-energize the interest in a swim team and use of the facility by day care centers and other organizations the pool can be self sufficient starting this next season.

The board indicated a willingness to help the pool over the current hurdle but requested that they receive information indicating the pool’s reorganization plan. That would include a marketing plan and periodic status reports on membership efforts, a proposed budget for the year, and a list of the board of directors including their terms. After the supervisors receive this information the matter can be put on the agenda for their next workshop meeting.

Zoning Ordinance Township Manager George Wolfe presented a proposed amendment to the zoning ordinance regarding public utility substations. It is in response to a request from a cell tower company to build a cell tower at a substation. The amendment would allow towers to be built at substations in R-1 Low Density Residential and CO Conservation districts as a Special Exception. Staff recommended that the board approve this amendment.

Autumn Oaks This development will be on a 177 acre tract zoned R-1 Low Density Residential located adjacent to the Autumn Oaks development and is planned to consist of 91 single family homes on one acre plus lots. The supervisors at their August 5th meeting agreed to postpone action on this plan after SWAN’s Eric Epstein and Darwin Aurand and some neighbors from the adjacent Centennial Acres development expressed concerns about the adequacy of the planned storm water measures. The developer, McNaughton Homes, then agreed to extend until November 10 the time limit for the township to act on the plan.

At this meeting Eric Epstein presented a position statement identifying five issues that are of concern in the proposed plan and an engineer from ARM Engineering Company described technical items that should be reevaluated before action is taken. McNaughton then made a presentation outlining the particulars of the project and stating that the proposed storm water control measures comply with current requirements and were approved by the state and county agencies and by the township’s engineer. The meeting concluded with neighbors expressing their concerns and requesting that the developer consider modifying the plan by increasing the buffers and relocating several of the storm water detention basins.

Sept. 10, 2008


Attended and reported by Bill Bostic.

Capital Area Soccer Association (CASA) requests A soccer association representative requested approval to install five or six support poles for a 20-foot high net behind one goal area on the full-size soccer field at Ranger Field. The net is needed to prevent balls from rolling down the steep embankment that borders the field and the baseball field complex behind Paxtonia Elementary School. The net would be taken down after game days, and the support poles would be removed during off seasons. The board did not take a formal vote, but all board members voiced support for the proposal.

CASA also wants to construct a building that would house a snack bar, restrooms and storage areas that would be located in a spot that would serve both Ranger Field and George Park. No action was taken on this issue.

Finally, the CASA representative mentioned his desire to reseed two new soccer fields at George Park. Parks & Recreation Director Brian Luetchford told the board that the township supervisors recently had approved $20,000 to reseed the fields. The parks board did not review the proposed expenditure prior to the supervisors approving it.

Skate park at George Park The township supervisors have approved a sponsorship program for the park, so the parks department will work with the sponsoring organization, Central Penn Freedom Group, to fund and construct the park. Construction could start in 2009, Luetchford said.

Dog park at Kohl Park The township supervisors have OK’d a one-acre parcel at Kohl park for the park, so the parks department will work with the sponsoring organization to finalize plans for the facility.

Greenway Plan The greenway committee has been appointed and the group met for the first time prior to the parks board meeting.

Wolfersberger Park (located off of Wenrich Street east of Linglestown) CASA is negotiating with the township to purchase a 50-acre tract for a soccer field complex. Luetchford told the board that CASA’s property appraisal came in significantly lower than the township’s appraisal – CASA $420,000; township $1.2 million. No action was required on this issue.

The township continues to make payments for the purchase of the Wolfersberger tract. Under the current payment schedule, the township could have free-and-clear ownership by early 2011.

Koons Pool Luetchford told the board that the supervisors will likely give the pool group $5,000 to offset a deficit from the season that just ended. To get the grant, the pool group needs to document their financial condition and report on their plans for operating and maintaining the pool in 2009.

Proposed planning project, Koons and Wolfersberger parks The parks board instructed board chairman Robert MacIntyre to schedule a meeting with the supervisors – most likely during an upcoming supervisors workshop meeting – to discuss the parks board’s desire to seek public input and to do a plan for future park facilities in the Linglestown area. The main issue is that Wolfersberger Park could be used to relocate some of the activities and facilities at Koons Park, which is heavily used and has no buffers with residential properties.

The parks board also wants to get clarification on whether all parks issues should be reviewed by the parks board prior to the supervisors taking final action on them.

September 10, 2008


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Augustus J. Papandrea, Jr., MD – Rezoning Request, 4300 Devonshire Road The request is to change the zoning on this .418 acre lot on the northeast corner of Colonial Road and Devonshire Road from R-1 Low Density Residential to BC Business Campus. The existing two story building on the lot has been a medical office building which was allowed in the R-1 zone as a non-conforming use.

Recently a Special Exception was requested to be allowed to operate a Daycare Center in the building. The Planning Commission offered no objection to the request but it was denied by the supervisors mainly because of the traffic congestion at the intersection and the difficulty in entering and exiting the site. In evaluating this rezoning request it was noted that all the properties to the north, east and south of this lot are zoned R-1. The commissioners felt that the existing zoning of this site was appropriate and they recommended that the rezoning request be denied.

Zoning Change – Ordinance #08-12 This zoning change proposed by the township applies to the 52 acre parcel north of Sportsman’s Golf Course currently zoned AR Agricultural Residential. The proposal is to rezone this land to R-1 Low Density Residential. This land was part of a recent rezoning request also involving two adjacent parcels which was rejected by the supervisors. A supervisor at the time suggested that consideration might be given to rezoning the land zoned AR to R-1. This ordinance proposed that change.

Neighbors in the adjacent Forest Hills development who had opposed the previous proposal again expressed objection to any change. The commissioners asked whether the land owner or the developer supported this township sponsored zoning change and it appears they have not been involved. The commissioners felt that if a change was made it should be done with the understanding of the interested parties. After discussion they voted to table this proposal.

Text Amendment – Zoning Ordinance The proposed changes to the ordinance are to Article 3, Commercial Uses, and Article 4, Additional Requirements for a Car Wash. Currently a Car Wash is not allowed as a Permitted Use in a CN Commercial Neighborhood zone and where it is allowed it must be on a lot of at least 1 acre in size.

Triple Crown Corporation wants to build a car wash on a ½ acre lot in the CN zone on the west side of North Mountain Road between the Remax building and the new Marysville Bank branch. They are asking that the ordinance be changed to allow a car wash as a Permitted Use and that the minimum lot size be reduced. The commissioners recommended approval of the changes with the exception that a car wash would be allowed only as a Special Exception requiring the approval of the Zoning Hearing Board instead of as a Permitted Use and with a revision to the wording of the restrictions on the external finishes of the building.

Autumn Oaks, Phase 1 – Final Subdivision Plan #08-15 This residential development by McNaughton Homes is on a 133 acre tract zoned RC Residential Cluster at the north end of Patton Road. The Preliminary Subdivision Plan was approved by the supervisors at their August 5th meeting and there have been no substantial changes since then.

One minor item concerned the small islands to be located in the center of the cul-de sacs. The township Public Works Department requested by letter that the islands be stamped concrete flush with the road surface to facilitate snow plowing. It remains the wish of the Planning Commission that the islands be raised and contain landscaping as originally proposed. The commissioners recommended approval of the plan with the understanding that the islands have mountable curbs and landscaping and that easements be established to provide locations for dumping of snow removed from the cul-de-sacs.

Miscellaneous The staff intends to restart their efforts to finish the revisions to the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO). The Planning Commission will meet with the supervisors at their workshop session on October 14. They hope to have their presentation on Business Improvement Districts ready for that meeting. There was also discussion about having the Greenway Committee review plans of proposed developments. Finally, it was suggested that there needed to be better coordination between the supervisors and the other township boards and committees involved with developments. This would include the Planning Commission, the Greenway Committee and the Parks & Rec Board. A future joint meeting was proposed.

September 11, 2008


Attended by Ted Robertson and Watson Fisher. Reported by Ted Robertson.

Under Old Business no new development plans have been submitted to the Lower Paxton Fire Departments for approval.

The status of the new equipment for the Fire Departments is as follows: Linglestown’s new tanker is in service; Colonial Park took delivery of their new engine as of last week. Paxtonia’s equipment should be delivered shortly.

The monetary benefits program for volunteer firefighters based on years of service should be finalized and operational within two months.

A “train the trainers” program will be instituted in house with at least five members from each Fire Station taking part.

An open house is being scheduled at the Colonial Park Fire Station for September 28 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for the Colonial Park Fire Station on October 9 at 7:00 PM.