SWAN Newsletter #19

October 11, 2007


Excerpt taken from the official minutes of Maureen Heberle, Recording Secretary of Lower Paxton Township.

“Community Development

Shadebrook Development

Director Bair distributed a letter addressed to him from Mr. Ted Robertson, SWAN Land Use Committee member, regarding the presentation made by the Shadebrook Development representative at the September 13, 2007 meeting. He explained that Mr. Robertson’s letter address issues that SWAN thinks the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission need to attend to when they review the plan. He noted that some of the listed issues do not concern the Public Safety Committee, while other, dealing with traffic intersections do. He explained that the listed concerns would be considered by the planning Commission and various other departments during the Land Development Phase.

Mr. Judd noted that the Committee did discuss the traffic issues surrounding and in the proposed development. Ms. Smith noted that the Committee had much discussion on the signalization for various intersections, and identified potential problems. Mr. Judd noted that the egress and ingress for the development was targeted by the members of the Committee. Mr. Smith noted that the Committee specifically mentioned its concern that no traffic light was planned for Fairmont Drive and Union Deposit Road. Director Bair noted that a traffic signal for Nyes Road and Locust Lane does not abut the property; therefore, the Township has no legal means to require the developer to improve this intersection.

Old Business

Pre-emption Devices

Director Bair explained that he was informed by the Public Works Department that, by the end of October, three new preemptions devices would be installed in the area of Route 22 for the north/south legs at Miller Road, Houcks Road/Prince Street, and North Mountain Road. He noted that the 2007 budget could only fund the improvements for three intersections. Director Bair questioned, in regards to 2008 budget; if the two intersections on the priority list for Route 22 should be completed. He suggested that these locations should be reviewed by the Committee and the list should be prioritized. He noted that the two remaining intersections for Route 22 are Lockwillow Avenue and Devonshire Road.

Director Bair noted that all new traffic signals installed in the Township are required to have the preemptors installed. He noted that the new traffic signal at Patton Road and Linglestown Road has a preemption device installed.

Assistant Chief Swank suggested that there is no need for a north/south device for either intersection on Route 22. He suggested that the intersection of Lingestown Road and Colonial Road should be first on the list. Ms. Stapf noted that (South Central Emergency Medical
Service) SCEMS does not have a greater need for the preemptors at the two intersections listed on Route 22.

Director Bair questioned the need for the preemptors at Union Deposit Road and Rutherford Road. Assistant Chief Swank suggested that Union Deposit Road at East Park Drive would be more useful. He noted that the Colonial Park Fire Company normally travels Rutherford road to Union Deposit Road due to the amount of stop sign along Dartmouth Street.

Mr. Rowell noted that for the Paxtonia Fire Company, the north/south legs for Route 22 and Lockwillow are very significant. He noted that some of the other mentioned intersections are more important that north/south for Route 22 and Devonshire Road. He suggested that the intersection of Colonial Road and Route 39 is more significant than those remaining on Route 22.

After some discussion it was decided to prioritize the list as follows for the 2008-year budget:

–Colonial Road and Linglestown Road – all four directions

–Union Deposit Road at Rutherford Road – north/south

–Union Deposit Road and East Park Drive – east/west

Director Bair noted that the Police Department uses the north/south lanes at Route 22 and Devonshire Road frequently, and he would have to think if there would be a need to add this intersection to the list.”


November 5, 2007


(7:30 – 8:40 PM)

Attended by Ted Robertson, Watson Fisher and Harry Ulsh. Reported by Ted Robertson.

Absent: Bill Hawk.

Under Public Comment, Jeff Schmidt, a resident of Quail Hollow Phase III, complained bitterly about the Township not plowing a road in that section last year. This section of road has not yet been dedicated to the Township because of litigation between the developer and the Township. Watson Fisher also presented a more factual, professional plea on behalf of the Quail Hollow residents affected.

Under New Business, Resolution 07-46 was approved 4-0 authorizing the submission of a Tourism Grant Program application to Dauphin County requesting funding in the amount of $2,000.00 for a skate park to be developed in George Park.

Resolution 07-47 authorizing the submission of a Community and Economic Grant Program application to Dauphin County requesting funding in the amount of $5,000.00 for the skate park mentioned above was passed 4-0.

Cullinson, Inc’s bid of $24,449.00 for the Jonestown Road guide rail installation project was approved 4-0.

A lease agreement between the Township and United Water of PA for an access easement to the Public Works and Sewer facilities was approved 4-0.

Under Subdivision and Land Development, Resolution 07-45, the Planning Module for the Volunteers of America Living Center was approved 4-0.


November 7, 2007


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

George Park – Staff Liaison Brian Luetchford gave the board a status report on the ongoing construction work at the park. The large pavilion west of Possibility Place is nearing completion, as is the inline skate facility. Work planned for 2008 includes the paving and striping of the parking lots, construction at the entrance drive including adding turning lanes on Nyes Road, the installation of backstops at the ball fields, and the completion of the walking trails. After that the work remaining to complete the park includes the skateboard facility and the other courts and special play areas at the northwest corner of the park.

Proposed Skateboard Facility – A representative from the Central Penn Freedom Group, the organization working to develop a skateboard park at George Park, gave a status report on the efforts to date. Funding for the estimated half million-dollar facility is to be provided half by fund raising and half from the township. The Parks and Rec board had recognized the need for such a facility for young people to be able to pursue this extremely popular sport without traveling to Dillsburg or York and initially recommended building it at the township park.

Members of the board who have had experience in large fund raising efforts explained the need to start with thorough planning and contacting potential large corporate donors with carefully prepared sponsorship packages before any community wide campaign is begun.

Autumn Oaks – The preliminary plan of the first phase of this large residential development located to the east of Centennial Acres was reviewed at the Parks and Rec Board meeting in October. There was no recreation area shown and the board recommended that a dedicated park area meeting the township requirements be included.

Joel McNaughton presented a revised partial plan of the southern most portion of the development showing a suggested location for a pavilion, a small parking area, and a tot lot near Patton Road, and a large play field and a smaller one farther to the south near the adjacent development. They will be presenting the preliminary plan for this project to the Planning Commission at their November meeting.

The board discussed the proposed recreation areas shown and felt that their location relative to the development as a whole was not acceptable. The play fields are at the very edge of the development, not easily accessible to the majority of the housing, south of Paxton Creek and up a steep slope from the housing, with no easy vehicular access, and located too close to the adjacent development. It was felt that the proposed location was leftover unusable space suitable for hiking trails but not for active play areas. The board suggested exploring if an area just north of the creek between the creek and the proposed houses would be a better location for the fields.

Parks and Recreation Plan Review – Mr. Luetchford gave an update on the status of the “Lower Paxton Township Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan.” This very comprehensive plan has been in the development stage for some time and he is working to complete a draft of the section on parks for review at the December board meeting. Of concern to the board are specifics on the recreation requirements for future developments, in particular recommendations for fee-in-lieu-of payments vs. dedication of acreage for recreation.

New Love in Christ Church: Parking Agreement – The agreement for the township to provide paving repair in exchange for the use of the church’s parking lot for soccer matches on the adjacent field will be finalized soon. The repair work will be done in the next few weeks.

Greenway Plan and Committee – The pre-final edition of the plan is available to the board members during the 45 day review period after which it will go to the Planning Commission, then to the Supervisors, and if approved will become part of the Comprehensive Plan. Mr. Luetchford said that in spite of the delay in receiving the completed plan he felt the consultants did a good job for the township and only faltered a bit when they were asked to continue to provide services after they felt they had completed the requirements of their contract.

The question to the board was should the Greenway Committee, which gave the direction for the creation of the plan, be continued in existence to implement the provisions of the plan? The board recommended that it should.

Koons Park – Representatives from the group that manages the swimming pool at Koons Park will attend the December board meeting to discuss whether or not the pool will continue in operation next year. The opening and closing costs for next year have been included in the township budget.


November 13, 2007


(6:00 –8:45 PM)

Attended by Ted Robertson, Watson Fisher & Mark Levine. Reported by Ted Robertson.

Absent: Bill Hornug.

Under Public Comment, Watson Fisher presented a letter to the Supervisors requesting assistance with snow removal on the undedicated road in Quail Hollow Phase III. It was reported that this section of road would be dedicated in the near future, which would make this request moot.

Two residents posed questions of safety concerning the location of a 15-unit housing facility for mentally disturbed residents, primarily veterans, in a residential area. Since the facility meets all Township zoning ordinances, the Township could not deny the application, nor could the Township legally ascertain the use of the facility. Another example of the danger of “unfounded mandates” from on high. (I am trying to get a more exact location for this facility.)

Mr. Tom Stang, representing Waste Management of PA, asked the Supervisors if they had any comments or criticism of the trash and recyclable collection services. The Supervisors reported there was nothing of significance.

Ginny Stapf, from the South Central Emergency Medical Services (SCEMS) presented an updated fiscal analysis for SCEMS for the actual 3rd quarter expenditures, the projected 4th quarter expenditures for 2007, and the budget for 2008. Supervisor Crissman asked for a comparison of the percentage increase in year-to-year expenditures for the last several years in order to better assess the 2008 budget requirements.

The Supervisors had Mr. Bill Harbeson, Executive Director of the Capital Tax Collection Bureau (CTCB) and his assistant in to answer questions concerning perceived problems with the distribution of the Earned Income Tax (EIT). After much discussion, it was obvious the Supervisors were still not satisfied with CTCB’s procedures. Mr. Harbeson did state that starting in December, CTCB’s clients will receive monthly statements rather than quarterly statements. Also the auditors’ findings involving CTCB will be released to the Supervisors.

The discussion with McNaughton Company was centered primarily on who would pay for whatever improvements were deemed necessary on Patton Road leading to the Autumn Oaks development. It was agreed that all parties would review prior “commitments”. The Township Engineer would be asked if such improvements would be necessary for Patton Road. This issue will be on the agenda for the December 11, 2007 Workshop Session.

The discussion with representatives of the Capital Area Soccer Association (CASA) was moved to executive session.


November 14, 2007


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher

Under Old Business

Commerce Park Office Building, Troegner/Derk – Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan #07-20 This project is an office building on Lot 2 in the Commerce Park office complex and is on the south side of Commerce Drive and west of Crums Mill Road. The 4.57 acre lot is zoned BC Business Campus. All comments from staff, HRG, and the county have been addressed with only a few minor questions outstanding. The commissioners recommended approval of the plan conditioned on resolution of the minor questions and with the disapproval of the waiver request to omit sidewalks.

Autumn Oaks – Preliminary Subdivision Plan #07-21 This large residential project by McNaughton Homes on a 310 acre tract at the north end of Patton Road and east and north of Centennial Acres was reviewed by the Parks and Rec Board at their November meeting and by the Supervisors again at their recent workshop meeting. The presentation was for the first of two parts to the project; specifically the 133-acre portion zoned RC Residential Cluster east of Patton Road. It will contain 203 units consisting of 92 single-family homes, 40 duplex units, 47 villa units, and 24 townhomes. The plan for this part of the development indicates that 69 acres or 52% of the 133 acres will be open space. The parcel has a high percentage of steep slopes and wetlands resulting in the larger amount of unusable acreage.

All comments from staff, HRG, and the county have been received and reviewed. The submission includes many waiver requests. The need or desire for an off-site improvement to realign Patton Road where there is an existing s-curve in the road near the south end of the development was discussed with the Supervisors previously and remains an outstanding item requiring a decision. HRG will meet with the Supervisors in the near future regarding this.

The major item of discussion and concern was the evaluation by the Parks and Rec Board that the location of the play fields and other recreational facilities proposed in order to meet the township requirements was not satisfactory. How the requirements are met may necessitate a plan change. Another question raised regarded the traffic impact on existing roads and intersections.

The Commissioners tabled consideration of the plan for a month to allow for a resolution of the recreation question, additional information on the traffic matter, review of some of the waiver requests about which there are questions, and the meeting regarding the possible Patton Road realignment.

Under New Business

Waiver Request for Commerce Drive The project involved is a four-story addition to an office building in the Commerce Park office complex. The existing building and the addition are located in the Susquehanna Township portion of the lot but a part of the property is in Lower Paxton Township. Since all of the work involved is in Susquehanna Township the request was to waive the requirement to make a complete land development plan submission to Lower Paxton Township. It was pointed out that both townships have the same engineers. After discussion the commissioners decided that the review by Lower Paxton Township was necessary and denied the waiver request.

Kings Pointe Rezoning The request is for a town home development on the south side of Linglestown Road at Crispen Villa Drive, which includes the town homes and two vacant lots. It is currently zoned BC Business Campus and the request, since the parcel is already a residential use, is to rezone it R-2 Residential-Medium Density. The county recommended that this be done. The commissioners recommended approved of the request.

Pepsi – Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan #07-23 This project involves a 178,000 square foot addition to an existing warehouse on a 35 acre parcel at Briardale Road and Dana Court in the Union Square Industrial Park located on the west side of Interstate 83 and north of the Eisenhower Interchange. The parcel is zoned GI General Industrial. The existing warehouse is used to store soda for distribution and the addition will be used for soda bottling. The applicant stated that there would be no increase in staff or traffic to or from the facility. The commissioners recommended approval of this plan.

Deaven Woods – Preliminary/Final Subdivision Plan #07-24 This plan, which is unchanged since its last submission for rezoning, is to subdivide the 35.7 acre parcel located on the east side of Deaven Road and north of Devonshire Heights Road into 35 single family home lots and 2 open space lots. All comments have been reviewed. The 41% of the tract that will remain open space will be owned and maintained by a Home Owners’ Association. The developer’s goal is to preserve all of the good trees in the open space which serves as a buffer from adjacent properties and to restrict the homeowners’ ability to clear or disturb the commonly owned wooded areas behind their properties. This will be done by deed restrictions. The Commissioners recommended approval of the subdivision plan.

MCR Properties, 5005 Devonshire Road – Special Exception #07-08 This request involves the 0.75 acre property at the corner of Devonshire Road and Orchard Street which was formerly a Sir Speedy operation. The property is zoned ON Office-Neighborhood. The request is that the owner, Mellon Certified Restoration Company, be allowed to operate an insurance restoration services business at the location, using the existing 4800 square foot building as office space and constructing a 1320 square foot addition at the rear for a repair shop. The commissioners recommended that the Zoning Hearing Board give favorable consideration to this request.

The last item on the agenda was an informal discussion regarding the potential rezoning of the Lakeside Marina property north of Carolyn Street and behind the Colonial Commons Shopping Center owned by Robert Brightbill from R1 Residential Low Density to CG Commercial-General. The property is bordered on three sides by commercial zoning and has a commercial use. The commissioners felt the rezoning would be appropriate