September 27, 2007


Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.

Docket 1239 and Special Exception 0703 was a re-submission of the Drs. Fetterolf for an office on the southwest corner of Colonial and Linglestown Roads. The office had a slightly smaller footprint (8,970 sq. ft. vs. the original 9700 sq. ft.). Their presentation also included the fact that the flood plain elevation line was incorrect based on data from the Sheetz property across the street. The Township Engineer agreed with this assessment. The Board granted the variance 4-0 conditioned upon FEMA’s approval of the revised flood plain elevation.

Special Exception 0705 an application of Gary & Lisa Koup of 6245 Harding Avenue to continue drawing and painting classes for children in an area zoned R-2 was granted 4-0.

Special Exception 0706, an application to bring a second Kepuchin monkey to the addresses of 5510 Allentown Blvd. and 5036 Eutaw Avenue by Cindy Lee Berger, was granted 4-0. This was necessary to continue the process to have the PA Game Commission approve a menagerie permit to bring the monkeys into the state.


October 2, 2007


Attended and reported by Ted Robertson.

Under Old Business, the Stipulation and Joint Motion of Agreed Order in the tax assessment appeal of Kohl’s Department Stores, Inc. was approved 5-0.

Under New Business, resolution 07-44 revising the permit fees for signs as set forth in the Zoning Ordinance, was approved 5-0. There have been no increases in over 10 years.

Resolution 07-43, the amendment of the 2008 Minimum Municipal Obligations for the police and non-uniformed employee pension plans was approved 5-0. The cost for 2008 has been reduced by $20,000 over 2007.

Under sub-division and land development, resolution 07-41 and 07-42, accepting portions of roadways in Amber Fields, Phases II & III, were approved 5-0.


October 3, 2007


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher

The board members present at the meeting did not constitute a quorum so no official action could be taken by the board. Brian Luetchford, staff liaison to the board, presented for discussion those items of information which were on the agenda but which required no immediate action, as follows:

Indoor Tennis Proposal – Consideration of a proposal that had been received to construct an indoor tennis facility at one of the township parks will need to be delayed until next summer.

Autumn Oaks – Preliminary plans for this large residential development at the north end of Patton Road and east and north of Centennial Acres had been receives and reviewed at the September meeting. The project by McNaughton Homes consisting of over 200 residential units is proposed to be done in 6 phases over a period of 7 years. The plan as presented shows open space but no dedicated recreational area. Because this development is located in the northwest portion of the township where it is recognized that there is a lack of park facilities the Parks and Rec Board recommends that park areas be provided to meet the township requirements instead of accepting a fee-in-lieu-of payment. The preliminary plan had been presented to the Supervisors at an earlier Workshop Meeting and the Planning Commission will be reviewing it at their November meeting.

Ranger Field – There currently is an arrangement between the township and Christ Church, which is near the Ranger Park soccer field, that in exchange for the church allowing parking on its lot during soccer games the township would provide some paving on the church property. Action on the agreement will take place sometime in the future.

George Park Construction – Construction of the pavilion is now in its final stage. Other construction work in the park is ongoing.

Heros’ Grove – This project in Brightbill Park involves trucking in a large amount of fill for the eventual construction of an amphitheater. Some fill is currently being brought in at no cost to the township by a contractor who is trying to get rid of it. There is a plan for the project and the placing of the fill is being directed by Black Landscaping. The township donated the land but it is still unclear whether the township or the county will have ultimate responsibility for the project. It is hoped it will be the county. There is also the outstanding question as to whether the adjacent shopping center will be willing to allow use of its parking areas in the future when events are held in the amphitheater.

Greenway Plan – It was promised that the final plan from Simone Collins, Landscape Architects, would be available for this meeting but it has not been delivered. Board members were not pleased with the delay. Bill Collins had been contacted and the plan has now been promised early in the week of October 8.

National Fish & Wildlife Grant – The township will be applying for a $30,000 grant from the National Fish & Wildlife Association to do the planning for additional water quality improvements in the eroding stream bed near Brightbill Park. This would be a matching grant with the township’s share being the work that has been done to date.

Township Park Plan – This master plan for the township’s parks is in draft form and when it is completed it will be added to the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance currently being finalized. Brian Luetchford has copies similar plans for Susquehanna Township and West Hanover Township and he is working to develop consistencies where possible in the provisions of the three plans. He needs direction from the board regarding provisions for accepting fee-in-lieu-of payments instead of land for recreation in future developments.

Arts Council – They are looking for funds from the Parks and Rec Board to establish a Children’s Arts Festival at one of the parks. This will be discussed.

Friendship Center – Mr. Luetchford and the Friendship Center staff have initiated a support project to have breast cancer survivors participate in a formal exercise program at the Center called “Bandanna Buddies.” The program has been well received and some contributions have been received but they are looking for more sponsors.

Shadebrook – The preliminary plan for this large Traditional Neighborhood Development project located south of Locust Lane and behind the Vo-Tech School was reviewed at the September board meeting. No recommendation was made regarding recreation areas and the plan will be examined again at a future meeting.


October 9, 2007


(7:30 -11:15 PM)

The first item of business was a list of projects connected to the Linglestown Square Project presented by Eric Kessler. The first item was a discussion of the proposed installation of a water main on Route 39 from Pennsylvania Avenue west of the square to Balthaser Avenue east of the square a distance of 2700 feet. As of the time of this meeting, only 24 of a potential 92 residences and businesses have expressed an interest in connecting to the new water main. Mr. Kessler indicated the committee would try to convince a greater percentage of those affected to buy into this project so that the only cost incurred would be the cost of the line run on private property into the existing in house line, which was estimated to be $800.00 to $1,200.00. Another very significant safety factor would be the addition of four fire hydrants along the length of the line.

The second subject was a discussion of the public takeover of Blackberry Alley and making it one-way west bound from North Mountain Road to Parkway West. Mr. Stine told Mr. Kessler to submit a petition to the Board of Supervisors detailing the committee’s wishes concerning Blackberry Alley. Mr. Kessler said that he would do this.

The discussion of the need for an additional satellite parking area was left for a time in the future.

The Linglestown Committee opted for decorative street lighting, which would have cost $175,000, plus the Township would pick up the maintenance costs. It was finally agreed that the Committee would select one of two PP&L’s decorative lights at a cost of $70,000 with PP&L picking up the maintenance costs.

A preliminary design report was given by the Community Planning Consultants, Inc. and PennDOT representatives for Route 83 from the Eisenhower Interchange to the Route 81 split. The most significant changes involve the Route 22 interchange and the complex including Route 22, Colonial Road, and Elmerton Avenue. This is a fascinating, much needed, and apparently doable plan. No time frames were given for construction start or completion. Much PR work will be needed before this gets to final design.

Mr. Barry Calhoun presented the budget request for the South Central Emergency Medical Services for 2008. A long discussion ensued primarily aimed at the lack of a business plan on the part of SCEMS. The figures presented by Mr. Calhoun were made up of the actual costs for the first quarter of 2007, and estimated costs for the last three quarter of 2007. Finally, SCEMS agreed to give David Blain actual costs for the first three quarters and estimated costs for the final quarter of 2007. This will be reviewed and a final decision will be made on Lower Paxton Township’s contribution to SCEMS for 2008.

The Paxtonia and Colonial Park Fire Companies presented the costs of two pieces of equipment authorized to be purchased under Phase III of the Fire Equipment Capital Plan. Since both pieces of equipment will be purchased under the state Co-Stars plan, a significant rebate will be available to the Township.


October 10, 2007


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Deluxe Motel Suites – Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan #07-19 This project is a luxury 12 unit 2 story motel located north of Ridgeview Drive, west of Mountain Road, and east of Stradford Road. The lot is zoned GC Commercial-General. Staff, HRG, and county comments have been received and present no issues for the applicant. The commissioners recommended approval of this plan.

Linglestown Road Rezoning – Ordinance #07-14 This rezoning request involves the large tract of land north of Linglestown Road behind Blue Ridge Country Club including the Sportman’s Golf Course and two properties to the north extending part way up the southern side of Blue Mountain. Sportsman’s and the properties to the north are now under single ownership. Sportsman’s is zoned IN Institutional, the next parcel is zoned AR Agricultural Residential, and the northern most parcel is zoned CO Conservation.

The request is to eliminate the AR zoning altogether by extending the IN district to the north and the CO district to the south, each zone being increased by approximately half of the area of the existing AR zone. The developer intends to build a senior housing community in the IN district following the Residential- Retirement Development provisions in the zoning ordinance. This will include the extension of Continental Drive from the Forest Hills development west to the Susquehanna Township line.

Several neighbors expressed concern about the development creating serious water runoff problems from the mountain and additional traffic congestion on Linglestown Road. They were assured that the water concern would be addressed when an actual plan was submitted. After discussion the commissioners recommended approval of the rezoning request. The matter is tentatively scheduled for a final vote at the Supervisors’ meeting on November 20, 2007.

Autumn Oaks – Preliminary Subdivision Plan #07-21 This proposed project is a large residential development by McNaughton Homes on a 310 acre tract at the north end of Patton Road and to the east and north of Centennial Acres. The preliminary plan was presented to the Supervisors at their workshop meeting in August and was discussed at the Parks and Rec board meeting earlier this month.

This presentation was for the first of two parts of the project, specifically the 133 acre parcel zoned R-C Residential Cluster located east of Patton Road . It will be started first and will contain 92 single family houses and 111 attached townhouses and villas for a total of 203 residential units and is proposed to be done in 6 phases over a period of 7 years. The second part, not included in this submission, involves the remaining 177 acres to the north zoned R-1 Residential Low Density, which will contain 97 single family homes. Planning is being finalized for that part and it may be started soon after the initial part is begun.
Comments from staff, HRG, and the county have been received. There are a large number of comments which is normal for the first submission of a project of this size. The waiver requests submitted were said to be consistent with the proposed provisions of the revised Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO). Regarding provisions to meet the requirement for recreational facilities, the developer had planned to dedicate the required acreage for that purpose but the township is requesting a fee-in-lieu-of dedicated acreage requirement payment. It was stated that the matter would be submitted to the Parks and Rec Board for their review. The commissioners agreed to table this submission to allow the many comments to be addressed.

Preston Byers,4815 Sweetbrier Drive – Pet Grooming Business, Special Exception #07-07 This falls under the category of a Major Home Occupation use and as such in an R-1 zone requires a Special Exception from the Zoning Hearing Board. The revised ordinance requires the Planning Commission to provide comments to the Zoning Hearing Board. The commissioners’ comment was that they saw nothing objectionable with this request for a Special Exception.

Janet Smith, Lots 4 & 5 – Preliminary/Final Re-Subdivision Plan #07-22 This request is to adjust a property line to address a sewer problem on Parkway East in an AR zone. The commissioners recommended approval of this plan.

Amendments of the Zoning Ordinance – Ordinance #07-01 The four proposed amendments to the zoning ordinance which were previously discussed were now formally brought up to the commissioners for their recommendations. They included a change to the building setback from perennial creeks from 75 or 100 feet from the center of the creek, depending on which zoning district the projects in, to 50 or 75 feet from the top of the stream bank; the maximum building height in a Residential-Retirement Development; allowing residential use in the commercial districts; and the maximum slope allowed on sidewalks in an Age Restricted Residential Development. The commissioners recommended approval of these proposed changes.


October 16, 2207


Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson. Absent: Gary Crissman. Reported by Ted Robertson.

Chairman Hawk proclaimed October 14 – 20 as fire prevention week for Lower Paxton Township.

Certificates of appreciation and awards were presented to various individuals and fire companies for years of service and service above and beyond the call of duty.

Under old business, a settlement was approved unanimously between the Township, the Zoning Hearing Board, and Triple Crown, Inc. regarding an appeal of a variance decision. (Maureen will send Ted a copy of this settlement as soon as it is signed by all concerned.)

***EDITOR’S NOTE: see below***

Under new business, Ordinance 07-12 amending the zoning designation of 4 Carolyn Street from Low Density Residential to Commercial General, was approved 4-0. This property, next to Danny’s Tire, was zoned erroneously in the 2006 zoning ordinances.

Under Township Subdivision and Land Development, the preliminary/final subdivision plan for Janet Smith, lots 4 & 5 (07-22) was approved 4-0. This involved a very minor property line adjustment.

Amendments of the preliminary subdivision plan for Stray Winds Farm (06-42), and the final subdivision plan for Stray Winds Farm, Phase I (07-09) were approved 4-0. These involved a change in grade at road intersections from 5% to 7.5%, and a change in the buffer requirement for the old asphalt plant property.

The preliminary/final subdivision plan for Liberty Place (07-18), several properties west of Colonial Road and south of Harriet II was approved 4-0.

The preliminary/final subdivision and land development plan for Allen and Annette Grossman – Harrisburg Foot & Ankle (07-15) was approved 4-0. This property is at the intersection of Linglestown and Crums Mill Roads.




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