June 28, 2007


(7:04 PM – 8:20 PM)

Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.

Docket No. 1232, an application for a variance from 30 ft. to 20 ft. on a rear set back requirement was approved 5-0.

Docket No. 1233, an application for a variance from restriction on the number of free standing signs for McDonald’s on Briarsdale Road was approved 5-0. A second “in line” menu board was requested to speed traffic flow through the take-out line to prevent the traffic from backing onto Briarsdale Road.

Docket No. 1234, an application on behalf of the Child Evangelism Fellowship of Dauphin County, Inc. for several variances required by the General Commercial zoning district was denied 4-0. Mr Staub had to recuse himself since he had a business relationship with the applicant. This was originally a private residence at 16 South Mountain Road. The present occupant uses the structure as an office with occasional board and committee meetings. There are also frequent material deliveries to this site with no adequate off-street loading or unloading areas.


July 3, 2007


Attended by Shelly Kunkel, Eric Bucher, Watson Fisher & Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.

This meeting was called to finalize the basics of Alternative 2A modified to be presented to DEP. As stated before, this plan calls for the replacement of 46 miles of asbestos concrete pipe, and the continued planned remediation of underslab I& I in various areas of the Township.

Based on preliminary data on work already completed in an underslab remediation area, the above plan could eliminate the need for storage tanks. The Township expects to ask DEP for at least a 20 year period to accomplish the above.

This plan, if properly financed and managed, will result in an increase in the quarterly cost to residents and businesses in the Township. Over the long term, this plan could prove less expensive than the other proposed plans.


July 3, 2007


Attended by Watson Fisher & Ted Robertson.

Reported by Ted Robertson.

Absent Supervisor: Gary Crissman.

There were three presentations under public comment:

A gentleman claimed significant damage to his vehicle resulting from striking a pot-hole on Old Jonestown Road. He claimed a total of seven vehicles were damaged by the same pot-hole. He wanted the Township to be responsible for a portion of the repairs.

Larry Gaiski was again trying to determine who is responsible for installing sidewalks in front of existing homes in Chelsea Falls.

Mr. Johnston again had complaints about the compost site off Conway Road. He complimented the Township on reducing dust at the site. However, he stated standing water and noise are still significant problems.

Under Old Business, the Supervisors approved change orders 8, 9 & 10 for the Friendship Center East Annex construction project unanimously (4-0).

Under New Business, resolution 07-28, amending the Township’s procurement procedures was passed unanimously (4-0). This raised the limit over which multiple prices were required from $500.00 to $1,000.

Resolution 07-29 authorizing the submission of a Community Development Block Grant (CDGB) application to Dauphin County was approved unanimously (4-0). This grant would split the total cost ($171,400) between the Township and the County.

The Supervisors approved supplement C to the agreement with Aurora and Associates, PC for engineering and design services in connection with the Linglestown Project. This right-of-way work became necessary as a result of FHWA and PennDot requirements.

The Supervisors unanimously approved (4-0) the recommendation of the Friendship Operating Board to incorporate the HESCAC grant funds into the Township’s Friendship Center Financial Assistance Program.

Under Subdivision and Land Development, the Supervisors approved the revised final subdivision and land development plan for Patton Place LLC unanimously (4-)). This involved moving the western boundary slightly to add 0.3 acre to the Patton Place LLC property for parking.


July 10, 2007


Attended by Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson & Eileen Hurley.

All of this meeting was centered on the final draft amendment to the zoning ordinance and SALDO. A copy of these amendments was given to the media representative, but not to other attending the meeting. As near as I could ascertain by reading the media representatives’s notes, none of SWAN’s proposed amendments were involved in this session.

The second part of this meeting was a presentation by the consultants hired by the Greenway Committee of the Greenway Plan. The top priority is the Colonial Park/Union Deposit area, estimated to cost $2.5 million dollars, covered by State & Federal grant money.

The 2004 Comprehensive Plan states residents want places to ride bicycles and walk. This initial phase has potential to link together many neighborhoods that already have sidewalks. The goal is to join with trails in other municipalities, for example The Capital Area Greenbelt. The cost of the whole project exceeds $14 million dollars, which would be completed over several years in phases.


July 10, 2007


(7:50 PM – 9:30 PM)

Attended by Watson Fisher & Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.

Under Item 4, the idea of the Township investing in constant maturity bond swaps was deemed too risky.

The Township has made a proposal to CASA (soccer association) concerning the Wolfersberger Tract purchase by CASA. The board of CASA will review the proposal, and get back to Township staff with any questions of procedure.

The discussion of Stray Winds Farms recreation area and greenway easement along Paxton Creek could have been shortened considerably if Mr. Stine had stated up front that Triple Crown does not have to grant the 50 foot easement west of Paxton Creek. Since this was the only sticking point,Triple Crown will present the final plan of the proposed recreation area at the Tuesday, July 17, 2007 Board of Supervisors Meeting. The letter from Parks & Recreation to the Supervisors is attached.

The traffic problem at the intersection of Red Top Road & Decre Lane will be mitigated by the installation of a stop sign on the west bound lane of Red Top Road. Other alternatives explored were too expensive.


July 11, 2007


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher

Dauphin County Volunteers of America Living Center – Preliminary/Final Land

Development Plan #07-12 This project consists of the construction of 14 dwelling units, a community center, and a manager’s apartment on a 2.4 acre lot on Blue Ribbon Avenue. It will be constructed and operated by the non-profit organization. Comments from staff, HRG, and the county were received and there were no problems complying with them. A minor right-of-way question along the street will be resolved. The commission recommended approval of this plan.

Harrisburg Foot and Ankle – Preliminary/Final Subdivision and Land Development Plan #07-15 This plan was tabled at the request of the applicant.

New Medical Office Building, Lot 5D, Sir Thomas Court – Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan #07-16 This project consists of the construction of a 2 story spec medical office building on a 3 acre lot zoned Business Campus on the west side of Sir Thomas Court at Schoolhouse Lane (Londonderry Road). It is near the Osteopathic Hospital and is designed to house 5 medical suites. Trip generation data has been submitted. All comments have been received, many were discussed at the meeting, and a few require plan revisions. The commission recommended approval of the plan subject to compliance with the outstanding comments.

Fetteroff Dental – Special Exception #07-03 This request involves parking for the proposed dental office building on a 1.3 acre site at the southwest corner of the intersection of Linglestown Road and Colonial Road. Some of the proposed parking area needed to meet the number of spaces required by the ordinance would be located in the portion of the site indicated on the map as being in the 100 year flood plain. Most of the site has been regraded over the years to the point that the area involved is presently well above the flood plain and the floor level of the proposed building and the entire parking area will be significantly above the identified flood plain level. The commission recommended approval of this request.

Unrelated to the flood plain issue, the review of the site plan brought up a concern for vehicular traffic exiting the site. The only vehicle entrance and exit shown for the site is a right in right out for traffic traveling eastbound on Linglestown Road. This exit is located close to the Colonial Road intersection and traffic exiting the site will enter Linglestown Road into a right turn lane which directs traffic onto Colonial Road traveling south. For exiting traffic to go across the intersection to continue east on Linglestown Road it would require a quick and dangerous lane change. This was not an issue for the current request but will be one when the plan is formally submitted later.
Ordinance #07-01 – Ammends Ordinance #06-05 (Zoning Ordinance) Review County Comments The commissioners were asked to review the items in this proposed ordinance and make recommendations to the supervisors. The first item, relating to Section 312.A., involved a change to the building setback from perennial creeks from 75 or 100 feet from the center of the creek, depending on which zoning district the project is in, to 50 or 75 feet from the top of the bank. This was accepted. The second item, relating to section 307.A., involved minimum lot sizes in commercial districts. No recommendation was made on this item. The third item, relating to Section 306.B.2.a., involved allowing residential use in any of the commercial districts. The recommendation was that it would only be allowed as a conditional use. The last item, relating to Section 315.D., regarded the maximum slope allowed on sidewalks in an Age Restricted Residential Development. The recommendation was to go with what was allowed by ADA regulations or 5%, whichever was less.

Other items of discussion were as follows:

The Len Maur project has been on hold awaiting a traffic study. That study has now been submitted to HRG for review.

Regarding an age restricted development where the requirement was for a certain percentage of the units to house residents above a certain age, concern was again expressed on how to enforce this requirement. The homeowners’ association would obviously have great difficulty controlling this when units are sold. The only reasonable arrangement seemed to be to designate portions of the development where all units were age restricted and have that requirement as a deed restriction.

The maximum structure height in the Institutional District was questioned. Consideration had been given to increasing the allowed height.

There should be a review of the minimum lot sizes in commercial districts. Small lots, like the 1.3 acre lot for the dental clinic mentioned above, can cause problems with so many driveways onto main traffic corridors such as Linglestown Road.


July 12, 2007


(7:00 – 8:00 PM)

Attended and reported by Ted Robertson.

Almost all of this meeting was devoted to developing a procedure to purchase the three pieces of fire apparatus for the township fire companies. This was made more complex since one of the manufacturers is not listed on the State’s GSA Co-Stars program. The Township Supervisors have made available 1.1 million dollars for the purchase of this equipment. Significant dollars can be returned to the Township if the C0-Stars plan can be used.


July 17, 2007


Attended by approximately 8 SWAN members and reported by Ted Robertson.

Under Old Business, Ordinance 07-04 was adopted 5-0. This changed the zoning of parcels listed as 4141, 4151 and 4153 Linglestown Road from Business Campus to Commercial Neighborhood. This includes the area South of Linglestown Road and East of Pheasant Ridge.

Resolution 07-31 was adopted 5-0. This involves the areas of necessary strip rights-of-way to be acquired for temporary construction easements, drainage easements and slope easements. nearly 70 properties are involved in connection with the Linglestown Square Project. This was made necessary by PennDOT and FHWA requirements.

Under New Business the final sub-division plan for Stray Winds Farm was approved 5-0. Mark DiSanto presented the plan without any 50 foot Greenbelt easement west of Paxton Creek. SWAN would do well to watch the development of this Greenbelt (bike & walking trails).

The preliminary/final subdivision plans for Charleston Riding, Allentown Blvd. Storage and TNP Carwash were all approved 5-0.