SWAN Newsletter #1

June 13, 2006


Attended by Gail Dubbs, Denny Dubbs and Ted Robertson. Reported by Gail Dubbs/Ted Robertson.

Denny and I attended the workshop session of the Board of Supervisors (BOS) on Tuesday, June 13, 2006. Ted was also there. We stayed until they went into executive session, thus we were there only an hour. Ted stayed for the remainder of the meeting and I’m sure you’ll hear from him.

Public Comment. A resident wanted information on opening a street in Kings Crossing. Apparently a developer wants to build 10 houses near Churchhill and Union Deposit. There is nothing before the Board at this time though they were aware of the interest to build. The Developer is Mike Mazzaccaro.

Agenda item: Request for assistance in installation of sanitary sewer facility at Mateer Field from Colonial Park Midget Baseball Association. There are no public restrooms at the Mateer field and there has been an offer from Rhonka (sp?) to the Baseball Association to put in a sewer systerm. The association wanted to know if they could get a waiver of the $1000 fee. The BOS reported that there has never been a waiver. However, they also suggested that there could be a lean on the property and the cost wouldn’t be paid until the land is sold (if ever).

Agenda item: Continued discussion with representatives of the Villageof Linglestown regarding alleys and satellite parking. Four possible locations were discussed though there was not much parking at some of the locations. A representative of the Village reported that the United Methodist Church offered a 25-year ($1/year) lease to the Township if they would pave both upper and lower lots. The Church would use the upper lot and the lower lot would be available for satellite parking. The amount of money required to pave both lots would likely break the paving budget. Additional discussion was necessary and further negotiations with the Church. The BoS went into Executive Committee and Ted covered the remainder of the meeting.

Ted reported that the BoS announced that public hearings on the proposed zoning ordinance would be held on June 21, 2006 and July 11, 2006. The public cannot attend the Executive Committee Meetings.

June 14, 2006


Attended by Eric Epstein and Pastor Pat Wirick.

Agenda item: Weis market extension/Preliminary/Final land Development #06-13.

This proposed project would increase display space at the Weis and not affect parking. However, there was confusion and debate regarding some of the environmental specification utilized in the original plan.

Public Comment: Mr. Epstein revisited the issue of “flood plain” definitions since the proposed footage is based on a raw number and not geological criteria. Mr. Epstein voiced concern about outdated FEMA flood plains and urged the Commission to utilize site specific and contemporary flood plain criteria and mapping throughout the Township.

Project approved.
Agenda Item: Development of Colonial Village, i.e., Age restricted (80%) units on 30+ acres behind the Epiphany Church.

Public Comment: Spirited discussion between Mr. Epstein and the project manager, from Elizabethtown, and the Planning Commission. Mr. Kessler left the room, but the manager made it clear that Mr. Kessler owned an equity interest in the venture.

Mr. Epstein criticized the density and the cavalier manner in which the project manager and his consultant, “the former Deputy Secretary of Penn DOT,” dismissed traffic issues based on another HRG study. In fact, Penn DOT gave the project a free pass. This project is still owned by Eric Kessler and features an age-restricted covenant for 80% of the residents. Although the project manager didn’t know how they would make the 80/20 formula work. The number of units was 220, but was reduced to 160 on 30 acres.

Mr. Epstein noted that Mr. Kessler was only committing $5,000 vs. TCC $1.6 million. Mr. Epstein stated a 2% contribution to Colonial Road was significant in lieu of other “small contributions” made by additional developers. Mr. Epstein was especially critical of HRG’s conclusion that the Village will only add 1.4% to Colonial and Crums Mill traffic streams.

Mr. Epstein echoed the Commission’s disappointment that the traffic study did not include Earl Drive and Colonial Road, and sharply disputed the project manger’s claim that Earl and Colonial “was only a T.”

Mr. Epstein reminded the Commission that two traffic signals are already failing on Colonial Road (including Crums Mill), and that the “strip mall” required additional remediation after initial approval.

The project manger had no idea and little concern for green space and dismissed traffic concerns. He told Mr. Epstein they had “the right to build 220 units.” Mr. Epstein countered in very strong terms.

Pastor Pat offered comments and concerns relating to traffic and public safety.

Project is likely to be approved pending resubmittal of data and a traffic study to include Earl Drive and Colonial Road.
June 21, 2006

Brief Summary of Lower Paxton Township Planning Commission Meeting
Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.
The Planning Commission unanimously passed the resolution approving the new township zoning ordinance & zoning map. The Supervisors will vote on the ordinance at their July 11 meeting and if approved, then it will take effect on July 17.

Charlie Schmehl of URDC, which compiled the ordinance, presented a brief overview of the new ordinance.

The county representative had reviewed the first four sections of the eight-section ordinance and he presented 40 comments, covering those four sections. He will review the other four sections before the Supervisors meeting on July 11. Almost all of the comments were relatively minor in nature. The Board agreed that it would be best to pass the ordinance and make minor revisions later, than to take time to decide on and make the minor revisions before the ordinance is adopted.


Micki Molinari and Barbara Greenberg have agreed to meet with SWAN to discuss development plans for the approximately 20 acres of land on the southern portion of land on Earl Dr/Colonial Road. This plan includes approximately 32 “retirement cottages”. This meeting will be scheduled sometime in late July.