November 12, 2013


Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson; Reported by Ted Robertson.

Television Cable Franchise Mr. Wolfe presented a review by the Cohen Law Group for the television franchise for Comcast. The findings indicated that Comcast was in compliance in all categories. The review for Verizon will be presented next month.

Fire Equipment Capital Fund Phase IV The three volunteer fire companies presented their request for three pieces of fire equipment for Phase IV of the Township’s Capital Fund. The cost is approximately 2.5 million dollars. Since the Fund balance is approximately 1.0 million dollars, a meeting with the fire companies will be held at a future workshop session.

2014 General Improvement Fund Budget Mr. Wolfe presented the 2014 General Improvement Fund Budget. Storm Water Projects are a significant part of the $1.8 million dollar budget.

2014 Compensation Plan for Administrative Employees Mr. Wolfe presented the 2014 Compensation Plan for the 26 Administrative employees. This will include a 2.5% pay increase.

Proposal for the Friendship Center There was further discussion of the Brailsford/Dunlevey marketing analysis findings and subsequent Lower Paxton Township Staff recommendations. It was decided to try to finalize these discussions at a 6:00 P.M. Workshop on November 19th prior to the scheduled business meeting.

November 19, 2013


Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson; Reported by Ted Robertson.

Absent: Bill Hornung

Friendship Center Budget Several members of the operating board of the Friendship Center attended the meeting. In summary, the following was proposed:

· The debt service will be leveled by extending the debt to 2033 (20 years).

· Lower Paxton Township will assume the operating debt of the Senior Center.

· The Friendship Center Operating Board, in close conjunction with the Lower Paxton Township Supervisors, will decide which alternatives of the Brailsford/Dunlevey report will be implemented to bring the Friendship Center to a self sustaining operation. Other alternatives in addition to the Brailsford/Dunlevey report will also be considered for implementation.

November 19, 2013


Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson; Reported by Ted Robertson.

Absent: Bill Hornung

The Authority unanimously approved Resolution 13-14-01 through 07, authorizing the condemnation of properties for sewer easements in the P-5C/6C mini basin.

November 19, 2013


Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson; Reported by Ted Robertson.

Absent: Bill Hornung

Old Business

The Supervisors unanimously approved Resolution 13-44, a report maintaining the administrative employees’ compensation plan. The increase was reported in the November 13, 2013 Workshop.

New Business

The Supervisors unanimously approved the 2014 Municipal Domestic Animal Service Agreement with the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area in the amount of $1,500.00.

Subdivision and Land Development

The Supervisors unanimously approved an amendment to the land development plan for the Osteopathic Hospital for parking expansion. (12-25).

November 26, 2013


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

2014 Authority Budget The Township’s Sanitary Sewer Department director, William Weaver, presented the proposed budget for the department for 2014. There were no significant changes from the actual 2013 revenues and expenditures figures, but there were a number of uncertain items in the coming year that could affect expenditures. These have caused the need for a small increase in that figure in the budget. These items included possible inter municipality payments and negotiated settlements with the city of Harrisburg and neighboring townships during 2014.

The township is a few years into a major 20 year program to rehab the sanitary sewer lines. The program is going well. Sewer rates, which are well below the national median, may need to be increased in the coming year and the supervisors agreed that the increase, if it occurred would probably be five dollars a quarter. With several items remaining to be resolved the authority members agreed to act on approving the budget at a meeting they scheduled for December 17th.

Tapping Fees Jeff Wendle of GHD Engineers (formally CET Engineers) presented information on the proposed increase in tapping fees for 2014. The proposed fees for the four separate drainage basins will increase but the increase will be slightly less than last year’s. The authority voted to approve the new fees.

Engineering Services Agreement Mr. Wendle presented a proposed Engineering Services agreement with the township which included an increase from three to four of his company’s personnel who will work full time for the township in 2014 inspecting sewer work. Each project will have one township employee and one GHD employee inspecting. The authority voted to approve the contract.

December 3, 2013


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Tree Cutting Contract The township received bids for the removal of 47 trees in connection with sanitary sewer construction work in the PC5D/5E mini-basin. The low bid was from ProMark Landscaping Service of Zieglerville, Pa. in the amount of $15,250.00. The bid was below the engineer’s estimate and the supervisors voted to award the contract to ProMark.

Arlington Group This project involves the construction of a 23,000 square foot medical office building on the three acre Lot No. 5-E on Sir Thomas Court in the BC Business Campus Zoning District. The Planning Commission has recommended that the project be approved. All requirements have been met and the supervisors voted to approve the land development and storm water management plan.

New Hope Brethren in Christ Church This church is located on a 14 acre property at 584 Colonial Club Drive in the R-1 Low Density Residential District. They plan to build a 6,200 square foot classroom addition on the rear of their existing 7,000 square foot church building. Churches are allowed by Special Exception in the R-1 district and they received approval for the project from the township’s Planning Commission and Zoning Hearing Board. The supervisors voted to approve the land development plan.

Shadebrook Planning for this proposed large combined residential and commercial project that will be located around the intersection of Fairmont Drive and Cider Press Road is continuing. This project will be built in the township’s relatively new Traditional Neighborhood Development zone. At their July meeting the Planning Commission recommended approval of the revised plan. At this meeting the supervisors voted to approve the sanitary sewer planning module. The approval process is expected to continue in the coming months.

December 4, 2013


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Safe Routes to School Project The grant application for funds to make safety improvements for children walking to the Linglestown Elementary and Middle Schools has now been submitted. No information on the status of the grant application was available.

Map Review – Oak Park Trail The committee has been working on determining the location of a possible new trail that would run from just east of Oak Park Circle south along the existing sewer line easement to Locust Lane and further south to just north of the Osteopathic Hospital. The Sewer Authority provided their detailed maps showing the sewer easement to the committee. These will greatly help in determining an exact location for the trail and in negotiating necessary agreements with the land owners involved. The committee will check on the wording of the existing easement agreements to see if the creation of a trail would be covered or if additional wording would be needed.

Community Engagement Committee This group is continuing to plan fundraising events in the township to support the activities of the Friendship Center and the parks system.

December 4, 2013


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Koons Park Softball Field Parks & Recreation Department director Brian Luetchford had previously reported that the foundations are in place for the construction of two new dugouts, a new backstop and a new storage building. At this meeting he stated that the softball association has engaged a contractor to do the needed concrete block work and the total project should be completed in time for the softball season.

Linglestown 250th Anniversary The board was reminded that in 2015 the town will celebrate this special occasion and that committees are being formed to prepare for all the activities that are planned.

Heroes Grove Ground breaking for the outdoor amphitheater project being planned for Brightbill Park has been set for July 5, 2014. The organizing group has raised some cash, their applications for two state grants, each for $200,000.00, have been approved, and they plan to apply for a third grant.

Arts Council At their January meeting the council will finalize plans for the activities that they have identified to be undertaken in 2014. These include some kind of monument at the entrance to the Heroes Grove amphitheater.

Friendship Center Mr. Luetchford reported that at a recent meeting the supervisors decided to continue the operation of the Friendship Center as a township facility. They will consider implementing some of the suggested changes that had been included in several recent studies by outside consultants toward improving the financial situation of the center.

Community Engagement Committee Contributions to help the park projects can be made at the upcoming tree lighting ceremony at the Friendship Center. Several fund raising events the committee is considering for 2014 are a jazz festival and a 5K run.

December 4, 2013


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Bishop McDevitt Parking – Special Exception #13-01 This request is to allow part of the grass area to the west of the new stadium that is now athletic fields to be used for overflow parking during football games. The zoning ordinance requires parking lots to be paved but it allows parking areas with low or seasonal use to be in grass if approved as a Special Exception by the Zoning Hearing Board. The Planning Commission needs to recommend approval of the request before it can go to the ZHB. The commissioners felt the request was reasonable and voted to recommend its approval.

James and Mary Jane Spangler and Bethany Church of the Nazarene – Preliminary/Final Subdivision Plan #13-15 This request was tabled by the applicant.

Robert L. Leo – Preliminary/Final Subdivision Plan #13-17 This subdivision involved two houses on a single property near the intersection of Lyters Lane and North 67th Street. The request to subdivide the property was granted.

Benjamin Slotznick – Preliminary/Final Subdivision Plan #13-19 This subdivision request is to divide the 1.7 acre property at the end of Hillside Road in the R-1 Low Density Residential Zoning District into three reasonably equal home lots. Only one access road to the tract is possible and there appears to be no way to subdivide the property and meet the front footage requirement for each of the three lots. The Zoning Hearing Board had reluctantly approved a variance allowing narrower front lot widths on a shared driveway. However at this meeting the commissioners voted to table without comment this request until their January 2014 meeting.

Meadowview Village, Lot 1B– Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan #13-20 This 1.74 acre property is located on the south side of Union Deposit Road and east of Twin Lakes Drive. The lot is currently zoned IN Institutional and is part of a property which contains a residential retirement complex. The property owner was not available for this meeting and his engineer explained to the commissioners that there were a number of issues regarding the property that remained to be addressed. The commissioners voted to table the application until the owner returns and the issues can be resolved.

December 5, 2013


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Bishop McDevitt High School – Special Exception #13-01 The applicant wishes to be allowed to use a portion of the grass athletic fields to the west of the new stadium for overflow parking for football games. Parking lots are required to be paved but grass parking areas can be allowed as a Special Exception for low or seasonal use if approved by this board. The Planning Commission recently recommended approval of the request with no exceptions and this board voted to approve this Special Exception.

George & Loredanna Gekas – Docket #1345 This request for a variance to be allowed to erect a roof over a front yard parking area at 407 Trudy Road in the R-1 Low Density Zoning District was tabled at the board’s November meeting and was again tabled at this meeting. The applicants are working to decide if they wish to pursue this project.

M&Z Carpets, Inc. – Docket No. 1346 This request was for a variance from the off-street parking space requirements for a proposed new retail tenant at M&Z’s building at 4747 Jonestown Road in the C-1 Commercial Zoning District. M&Z occupies the central section of the 15,000 square foot building, AT&T leases the western portion and M&Z wishes to rent a similar portion on the eastern most section to a future tenant. There are a total of 22 parking spaces in the front of the building.

M&Z stated that their traffic history shows that the parking needs for their business and for AT&T’s are small and that they would not lease the third section of the building to a tenant that would require more than a few parking spaces. A motion to approve the variance failed. The board decided to table the request until M&Z had a specific tenant lined up that would be acceptable to the zoning officer and at that time the request would be reconsidered.

Kurk & Lacey-Hoffman Ehrenfeuchter – Docket #1347 The owners of the corner property at 5001 Virginia Avenue in the R-2 residential zoning district requested approval to erect a 6 and 1/2 foot high closed fence around their side and rear yards to contain their large dogs. The ordinance limits the height of fences to 4 feet and requires fences on corner properties to be open type. The board denied their request for several reasons and suggested that an electric fence might be a workable option.

Jeffrey M. Mauck – Docket #1348 This variance request is to be allowed to have a Limited Winery in an existing 960 square foot garage building at the rear of a lot at 6073 and 6075 Linglestown Road in the village of Linglestown. This usage is not allowed in the Village zoning district. A limited winery is an operation that would produce less than 200,000 gallons of wine a year but the proposed activity would produce only about 4,000 gallons a year. The building would have a security system and would have no heavy equipment. If the operation is successful the partners may consider opening a tasting room in the village in the future. The board voted to approve the request with the conditions that there would be no signage on the building and no sales from this location.