July 16, 2013


Attended and reported by Ted Robertson.

Public Comment:

Ken Parmer had pictures of a retention pond in Autumn Oaks showing little or no clay lining. Several residents of Colonial Road next to the Autumn Oaks development complained about:

(1) Construction workers blocking their driveways; (2) Safety concerns for children living in the area of the retention ponds (steep slopes, no fencing); (3) Lack of storm water control during construction; (4) Mosquito problems at the retention basins; (5) OSHA violations in the construction of the retention basins? Township Staff will meet with McNaughton to try to resolve these problems.

Old Business:

The Consultant presented the final Koons Park/Wolfersberger Master Plan. The total cost is now estimated to be $14.6 million dollars. Bill Seeds expressed opposition to the plan as it now stands. There were no new funding sources noted by the Consultant. There may be one more presentation to the Supervisors before a decision is made on this project.

The Supervisors voted 4-0* to accept the five (5) applications for Dauphin County Local Grant Share funds. These applications will be combined with two other applications. The Supervisors will prioritize these applications and forward them to the County by the August deadline.

* Bill Hornung was called from the meeting.

The Supervisors voted 3-0*to establish a $25.00 Zoning Permit and application fee (Resolution 13-29), as well as a $50.00 Storm Water Management and associated fees (Resolution 13-30).

* David Blain had to leave prior to vote.

July 18, 2013


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Longhorn Steakhouse – Docket #1340 This variance request was for relief from the allowed number and maximum area of wall signs on the proposed new restaurant to be located on the north side of Jonestown Road at the Colonial Park Mall. The property is in the CG Commercial General Zoning District. The zoning ordinance allows the building to have two exterior signs each no larger than 32 square feet each. The applicant proposes two wall signs of 68 square feet each and one steer head logo sign of 19 square feet.

Because of the location of the restaurant in a shopping center along a busy highway the larger signs identifying the restaurant were felt to be justified and the logo sign was considered to be consistent with similar ones at other restaurants in the center. The board voted to approve the request.

Susquehanna Ale House – Docket #1341 This restaurant and bar is located at 4920 Jonestown Road in the CG Commercial Zoning District. Earlier this year the owner constructed an outdoor seating area behind the building which can seat approximately 100 patrons. The state Liquor Control Board had approved this additional restaurant seating but it had not been submitted to the township for approval. The zoning ordinance requires that with the additional seating additional off street parking spaces must be provided if needed to meet the requirement. The variance request stated that this requirement would be met by their continuing to share a large number of off street parking spaces on properties of the adjacent bank and tire store. This sharing arrangement has worked successfully for some number of years since the Ale House hours of operation don’t start until 4:00 pm. Both the bank and the tire store submitted letters of agreement acknowledging that this arrangement could continue.

The board voted to approve the variance request on the condition that the applicant submits an annual verification letter that the parking agreement remains in place and that he comply with the building code regarding safe patron egress through the outdoor seating area.

August 5, 2013


Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson; Reported by Ted Robertson.

Old Business:

A. The Fire House software program for the generation of mandated Fire Company reports should be operational by September of this year.

B. The Township Fire Department LOSAP program has a current balance of $356,415.00 with a pay out to date of $12,480.00.

C. A report on the 4th of July fireworks at Koons Park was favorable with a few minor incidents.

D. Denial of Workman’s Compensation for volunteer firemen and fire police could have a negative effect on recruitment for the Township fire companies.

E. Preliminary work has been started on the replacement of equipment for the Townships three fire companies.

New Business:

Chief Swank is trying to have the Township institute a program to recover fire costs in certain instances. Solicitor Stine is checking on the legality of an Ordinance to provide such recovery.


The Fire Marshal expressed serious concerns about an emergency response to the new Bishop McDevitt High School during football games. One way traffic on Spring Creek Road and the closure of the western portion of Spring Creek Road are the primary concerns.

August 6, 2013


(7:30 PM – 8:30 PM)

Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson; Reported by Ted Robertson.

New Business:

The Supervisors unanimously approved the appointment of Tom Thomas to the Greenway Committee.

The Supervisors unanimously approved Resolution 13-24 authorizing the approval of a grant application to the Commonwealth.Financing Authority in support of the Heroes Grove project in the amount of $230,000.00.

The Supervisors unanimously approved the proposal from Barton Associates in the amount of $31,000.00 for engineering services with regard to the replacement of the Friendship Center Natatorium HVAC units. The proposal will include a bid package.

The Supervisors unanimously approved the bid of PACT Construction in the amount of $3,716,210.00 for the PC1-GD A/C sanitary sewer mini basin project (Gale Drive).

The Supervisors unanimously approved the bid of Arnie Brothers in the amount of $31,000.00 for tree cutting and stump grinding in the PC-1GD A/E sanitary sewer mini basin.

Subdivision and Land Development:

The Supervisors unanimously approved the resubdivision plan for lots 93 through 96 in the Quail Hollow Phase V (13-10) development. This combines 4 lots into 2.

The Supervisors unanimously approved the revised preliminary subdivision and land development plan for Shadebrook TND (13-09). This plan includes 223 single family units, 32 duplex units, and two three-story commercial buildings.

August 13, 2013


Attended by Eric Epstein, Betty Miller, Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson; Reported by Ted Robertson.

Absent: Bill Hornung

Community Cats: A group of residents approached the Supervisors for financial help in order to mitigate the feral cat problem in the Township.

Stray Winds Farm/Triple Crown Corporation: Triple Crown presented a plan to start the development of Stray Winds Farms. Because of on going litigation, the proposed plan will establish a Phase IX with 74 units.

This phase will not be developed pending the outcome of the litigation. This phase will or will not be developed. This will allow development to start with 374 units. Items negotiated with SWAN such as buffer zones, a lighted walking trail, a passive park area, and improvements to the MacIntosh/Crums Mill intersection will remain intact. The Colonial Road/MacIntosh Road intersection will not be done. The number of age restricted housing units to be built remains in question.

Benjamin Slotznick/Hillside Road Subdivision: This is a three lot subdivision off Rutherford Road. A waiver of required front footage is requested so that all lots can have access. This would also include a dual use driveway. The Supervisors appeared to take a negative approach to the waiver request.

Pavement Management Program: Mr. Robbins gave the Supervisors a review of the newly acquired Pavement Management Program. This program will provide a cost saving method of maintaining the Township’s roadways.

Wolfersberger Tract Grading Project: Mr. Fleming presented a plan to design a fill and grading project for the Wolfersberger Tract at a cost of $42,900.00. This will allow the Township to use this site for off loading excavation from ongoing sanitary sewer projects.

Winfield Street Storm Water System: Mr. Fleming presented the results of a study of the Winfield Street storm water system. Two plans were presented. The plan to mitigate a 10 year storm event would cost approximately two million dollars. A replacement in kind plan would cost approximately one million dollars. The Supervisors preferred the replacement in kind plan.

Earl Drive Storm Water Study: Mr. Fleming presented the results of a study of the Earl Drive/Harmon Drive storm water problem. The study found that the culvert on Earl Drive is adequate to handle the 100 year storm event. Replacing the culvert and widening the stream bed for approximately 375 feet up stream from the culvert would lower the flood plain level by one foot. Widening the storm bed only would lower the flood plain level by “several” inches. The Township Engineer will seek input from the residents before proceeding further with a design for this project.

Dauphin County Loan Share Grant Applications: The Supervisors ranked the eight applicants for the above grants. Action will be taken at the August 20, 2013 Board of Supervisors meeting. The list will then be forwarded to the County for action.