February 4, 2013


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher

Fire House Software The three fire companies have received their new software and they are now ready to work with the supplier to down load their information and records to get the new township wide system fully operational.

LOSAP Initial payouts to recipients of the Length of Service Awards Program for township firefighters were delayed until the proper paperwork is completed. Recipients will receive double payments in February to cover the lack of a January payment.

Hurricane Sandy Relief The fire companies are working to complete their records on what apparatuses were in use during the emergency in order to receive reimbursement. That amount will be very low.

Traffic Lights It was noted by several of the fire companies that the system that allows the fire trucks to control the traffic signals along Route 22 when they are responding to fire calls is not working at some intersections. It was thought that the problem was that the sensors on the poles need to be adjusted to be able to receive the signals from the trucks.

South Central EMS The director reported that construction work at their building in the township has now been completed.

Police Department A recent incident at the new high school indicated that it was not clear which fire, police and ambulance departments from which townships should be notified and will respond when there is a emergency call from the school. The Lower Paxton Township police department has been directed to respond immediately to any call from the school.

Fire Emergency One of the fire chiefs asked if during or after a snow storm when the Public Works Department has snow plows out they could monitor the fire emergency radio reports to be able to assist in snow removal if needed at the location of an active fire call. This item will be reviewed.

Public Safety Director Director David Johnson announced that he has resigned his position after 31 years of service to the township. He has accepted a position in private industry with a company that operates specialty hospitals. His resignation will be effective March 1st of this year.

February 5, 2013


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher

State Agreement Township Resolution #13-06 was approved authorizing the board Chairman and Secretary to sign the Second Amendment of the Second Consent Decree and Settlement Agreement to meet certain requirements of the Department of Environmental Protection. The supervisors met as the Township Authority just prior to this business meeting and, as required by the state, they authorized the board to sign the agreement.

AFSCME The board voted to adopt amendments to the union’s collective bargaining agreements to properly restate certain contract language. These changes to the agreements will add approximately 1% to the Public Works department’s employees’ contributions and correct certain previous minor accounting issues.

Sewer Bids The board took action on bids for the planned sanitary sewer replacement project in the BC-6A, 6B and 6C sewer areas. Seven bids were received and the four low bids were within 5% of each other. This reflects the current favorable bidding climate for construction projects. The award was made to the low bidder for just under $6,000,000.00.

Equipment Lease The Public Works Department has two old Wheel Loader trucks which are large construction vehicles equipped with buckets. They want to trade them in on a lease purchase for a 2012 Volvo Wheel Loader from Highway Equipment Co. The board voted to approve the acquisition with purchase payments over a 5 year period.

February 5, 2013


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher

There was not a quorum present at this meeting so no official action could be taken. Many of the planned agenda items were not addressed.

Heroes Grove At their January meeting the board reviewed a draft document prepared by P&R Department director Brian Luetchford titled “Heroes Grove Amphitheater Agreement” which outlined a suggested agreement between the township and the Heroes Grove Committee. It covered a wide range of items regarding the construction, operation and maintenance of the proposed facility.

At this February meeting the board members discussed the proposed agreement in detail with representatives of the amphitheater committee and the architect. After that the board members authorized the proposed agreement to be forwarded to the supervisors for their consideration. Mr. Luetchford noted that a development grant application will probably be submitted to the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for the amphitheater project, improvements at the Friendship Center and possibly other township projects. The state would consider the various individual projects in the grant application separately.

CASA Representatives from the Capital Area Soccer Association presented their proposal for the completion of the two new large soccer fields at Ranger Park. CASA regraded the fields and installed a complete irrigation system for the fields. To complete this current project they propose to install a fence along the east side of the eastern field to keep balls from going down into the wetlands, erect nets behind the goals on both fields, and place bollards at vehicle entrances to keep vehicles off of the playing fields. They suggested they would have a grand opening for the two new fields in early spring. They also suggested that they might be interested in hosting regional soccer tournaments on the fields and in supporting further improvements to the fields at George Park.

Following the presentation the board expressed some concerns about the need to carefully consider CASA’s long term involvement in the development and use of these and other playfields in the township parks.

February 6, 2013


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher

Kendale Oaks – Final Subdivision Plan Phase IV #12-24 This final phase of the Kendale Oaks development consists of 42 building lots and 4 unbuildable lots on a 31 acre tract on the east side of Conway Road in the R-1 Low Density Residential Zoning District. All comments raised by the township’s engineer have been satisfied. Commissioner Roy Newsome, who is also on the Greenway Committee, noted that a walking trail is planned along the west side of Nyes Run at the rear of two or three of the lots in this phase and he suggested that the approved plan could include a 20 foot easement across those lots to accommodate the future trail. This will be pursued. The commissioners voted to recommend that the supervisors approve this plan.

Union Deposit Properties – Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan #13-02 This submission is in regard to a proposed medical office building to be located on a 2.6 acre lot at 4200 Union Deposit Road in the Commercial-General zoning district. The building currently on the property had housed restaurants and the proposed building will be smaller than the existing one. There will be adequate parking on the lot for the proposed operation.

The only concern discussed was for traffic movement to and from Union Deposit Road through the adjacent bank property to the apartment buildings and the hospital beyond. This was not considered to be a serious issue at this time. The commissioners voted to recommend approval of the plan contingent on its approval later in the month by the Zoning Hearing Board.

Autumn Oaks – Final Subdivision Plan for Phase II #13-04 This is a resubmission of the plan for the second phase of this large residential development located at the northern end of Patton Road. The planned total project will consist of approximately 201 residential units on 313 acres. Of the total project acreage 177 acres are zoned R-1 Low Density Residential, 133 acres are zoned R-C Residential Cluster and 2 acres are zoned CO Conservation.

This second phase is now planned to contain 24 duplexes and 42 single family homes. Storm water issues have been resolved. The portion of the planned walking trail that had been started has been rebuilt and extended and the total trail is now more than half built. The commissioners voted to recommend approval of the plan for this phase.

February 12, 2013


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher

Municipal Bond Issue Representatives from the township’s appointed financial advisor, underwriter and bond council firms met with the board to finalize the specifics for the planned new bond issue. This issue will include the refinancing at a lower rate of the 10 million dollar year 2006 bond issue and 4 million dollars of new debt. The new debt would consist of 3 million dollars for scheduled storm water repair projects and 1 million dollars for needed maintenance projects at the Friendship Center. The board voted to move ahead immediately with the bond issue.

The immediate major maintenance project at the Friendship Center is to replace the expensive pool packs which are at the end of their useful life. The board had a long discussion about the future of the center. They understand that the center is now at an age where higher maintenance costs will be required. If it is going to continue to be an important part of the recreation facilities provided by the township they will need to budget for those ongoing costs. They also need to analyze the center’s facilities and programs and change them as needed to maximize revenues. This will be the main item at their March workshop session.

Memorial Eye Institute The land development plan for two additions to the medical office building at 4100 Linglestown Road was approved by the Planning Commission at their December meeting with one condition. The condition was that a sidewalk would need to be built on Dover Road as part of the project but on Linglestown Road the sidewalk requirement could be deferred until a sidewalk is built on the adjacent property. At their January business meeting the supervisors discussed the sidewalk matter without a decision. The same thing happened again at this workshop meeting. A decision was promised at their next business meeting.

S&A Homes This residential construction firm in the past had considered a proposed plan for the development of an L-shaped parcel of land to the east and north of the Central Dauphin East Middle School and High School that they own. The project did not go forward. At this meeting they proposed a text amendment that would change the zoning designation for the entire parcel to R-2 Residential-Medium Density with a number of exceptions including required lot sizes and setbacks.

Because of the topography of the parcel, the new plan shows that all homes would be located near the Union Deposit Road entrance. The total tract is large enough that the density requirement would not be a problem. The plan calls for 44 single family detached homes and 77 townhomes. The intent is to create a development of moderately priced new homes primarily for first time home buyers. After hearing the presentation the supervisors agreed that the project is worth pursuing and the proposed text amendment should be presented to the Planning Commission for their consideration. After that it would come back to the supervisors with their input.

Financial Management System Requests for proposals for the purchase of this new software package are due back on April 1. After that, interviews will be scheduled with some number of selected firms. Funding had previously been allocated for this important cost saving office tool.

Public Bidding The dollar limit for municipal procurement above which competitive bidding is required has been raised from $18,500.00 to $18,900.00.

February 19, 2013


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher

EMS The supervisors needed to appoint two township residents to sit on the South Central Emergency Medical Services Board of Directors. They appointed Daniel McClain to fill one seat and asked the public for any other residents who might be interested in filling the other seat to advise the township of their availability. .

Wolfersberger Tract The township is interested in having construction companies that need to have a place to deposit excess clean fill to do so at the site of the proposed Wolfersberger Park. The earth would fill in low spots and begin to create level areas for future playfields. Before this can be done a wetlands delineation study must be prepared and approved by the Army Corps of Engineers. HRG, the township’s engineers, submitted a proposal not to exceed $11,000.00 to do the involved study and the proposal was approved by the board.

Friendship Center The board approved the lease/purchase agreement with Municipal Capital Finance Company for 13 pieces of new exercise equipment to replace items that have exceeded their useful life. The total cost of $47,287.00 is payable over a 3 year period. This is part of the ongoing program to have up to date equipment for this important fitness activity at the center.

Tree Removal The board approved a contract with Stoner’s Tree Service for their low bid of $37,225.00 for the removal of 113 trees and the clearing of 110 feet of right of way as part of the BC6 sanitary sewer mini-basin repair project.

Doli Construction Co. This company had begun work on the SC-1E/SC-1G trunk line sanitary sewer replacement project when it was determined by the engineer that an existing restrictor unit needed to be replaced. Based on unit values in the original bid award Change Order #1 in the amount of an additional $69,900.00 was required. The board approved the change order.

Wells Fargo Bank This bank currently handles the funds and payouts for the township’s Police Pension Plan and the Non-Uniformed Employees’ Pension Plan. Now that the fire departments’ LOSAP (Length of Service Awards Program) plan has begun to make scheduled payments to qualified personnel, staff recommended that the LOSAP funds and payments also be handled by Wells Fargo. This consolidation will result in a lower fee for the management of the three pension plans. The board approved the plan.

DEP Grant This Department of Environmental Protection grant would provide $250,000.00 to reimburse the township for funds spent on the purchase of recycling equipment. The board voted to accept the grant.

SunShot Initiative This new U.S. Department of Energy program is intended to encourage the installation of rooftop solar energy systems. If the township agrees to get into the program the government will amend the township’s zoning ordinance as needed at no cost. The board voted to participate in the program.

Compost Facility Resolution #13-07 setting the annual rates for residents to use the township’s compost facility was approved by the board.

Memorial Eye Institute The relatively small additions planned for this medical building at 4100 Linglestown Road have called into question the requirement to construct sidewalks and curbs on the property along Linglestown Road and along Dover Road as part of the project. The Planning Commission recommended that a sidewalk be built along Dover Road but could be deferred along Linglestown Road until one was built on the adjacent property. The supervisors had then considered the matter at two previous meetings without coming to a final decision. At this meeting on a 3 to 2 vote the supervisors approved the waiver of the requirement of sidewalks and curbs on Dover Road and delayed for 5 years the requirement to construct sidewalks and curbs on Linglestown Road.