SWAN Newsletter #74

October 9, 2012


Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson; reported by Ted Robertson.

Representatives of the Friendship Center Seniors group posed questions to the Supervisors concerning the approximately $22,000.00 increase in yearly costs which would have to be absorbed by the Senior Center members. Several cost saving ideas were proposed by the Senior Center representative. A question concerning the contract between the Senior Center operating board and the Friendship Center operating board was also raised. Both boards will review the above items and bring their findings to a future Board of Supervisors Workshop Session. Approximately 28 Senior Center members were present at this meeting.

S&A Homes made a preliminary presentation to the Supervisors to change the Montrail subdivision plan from R-1 with a TRND overlay to R-3. The original plan called for 57 single family units on 47 acres. The S&A representative indicated their plan would call for 140 units. An R-3 zoning would allow over 200 units if all acres are developable. This property has access on Union Deposit Road and wraps around the CD East school property. The Supervisors want more information concerning traffic and access before they make a decision.

Ed Paukovitz presented a plan to alleviate a storm water problem on Dunmore Drive in the Fairway Estates area. Since this would involve storm water systems on private property, there are some legal problems that have to be resolved. Further discussions will be needed to resolve this situation.

John DiSanto requested a waiver for the placement of a fence around a detention basin on the property of the Holy Name of Jesus church. This item will be on the agenda of a future Board of Supervisors meeting.

Mr. Wolfe presented a proposal received by CAP COG from the Cohen Law Group to conduct a television franchise compliance review. The cost of this review per municipality will be inversely proportional to the number of municipalities taking part ranging from $8,900.00 to $3,900.00.

Mr. Wolfe presented a proposed ordinance amending the Townships solid waste and recyclables collection program as it pertains to public gatherings of 200 or more persons.

There was a brief discussion concerning the request from Keystone Collection Group to collect delinquent Earned Income Taxes. This item will be on the October 16th Board of Supervisors meeting agenda.

October 10, 2012


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

PennDOT Presentation: Representatives from the committee are scheduled to make a presentation to PennDOT officials on November 30th regarding the township’s continuing efforts to create walking and biking opportunities in the township. The purpose of the contact is to see how the township’s suggested trail plans could interface with state highway projects. The committee is finalizing their presentation materials in preparation for this important meeting.

Fundraising Committee: Parks & Recreation Department Director Brian Luetchford reported that the new coordinated fundraising group, titled the Community Engagement Committee, will meet again on October 23rd to further plan their efforts. They recognize that under the Parks & Recreation Department the Friendship Center, the Arts Council, the Greenway Committee and the Parks Department all have different needs and different groups they can target for funds. However it is important that the efforts do not overlap. They also need to identify specifically how the funds would be used. Of particular concern is the Friendship Center which is reported to be in danger of closing without some financial help.

Greenway Projects: At the Autumn Oaks housing development being built by McNaughton Homes a lengthy paved trail has been completed and trail signage will be provided by the VoTech School. The committee will be hiking a portion of the Darlington Trail on October 27th to access its possible restoration. The committee will be identifying property owners along the proposed Oak Park Trail running south from Oak Park Circle. The pedestrian bridge constructed by the VoTech students has been installed across the stream in Brighbill Park. The deadline for the state Safe Routes to School grant project that the committee has been working on with the school district is fast approaching and it appears that it is probably not feasible that any of the possible applications could be successful.

October 10, 2012


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Koons Pool: Doug Kepler and Walter Shatto gave the board an end-of-the-season report on the swim club’s financial situation and the planned 2013 physical improvements. In 2009 a new board was formed and a loan and line of credit were established to deal with the deficit that existed at that time. Since then the club has been on an even keel financially and many needed physical repairs and improvements have been made.

The leaking roof on the main building will be replaced in 2013 and the board requested that the supervisors cosign for a bank loan for $11,500.00 for that project. The board voted to recommend to the supervisors that they do this to continue to support the pool which is on township park property.

PHR Baseball: Chris Black asked the board to approve his organization’s request to be allowed to enlarge the existing building at Brightbill Park to provide needed storage for some of their baseball equipment. They would raise the funds for the small two story addition. The board looked favorably on the project which will now have to be approved by the supervisors.

Updates: The Parks and Recreation Board Action Plan that the department prepared will be reviewed at the November board meeting. The Parks and Recreation Department’s 2013 Annual Budget has been prepared and will be submitted to the supervisors for their review. The initial phase of the Heroes Grove project at Brightbill Park consisting of grading and the construction of the stage will begin in the spring. Reports on upcoming projects and activities were submitted to the board by the Arts Council and the Greenway Committee. The Community Engagement Committee that will work on fundraising for department projects will meet on Tuesday October 23rd. The next Park Plan Study Committee meeting will be on Wednesday October 24th with the professional planners.

October 11, 2012


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Andrea Leigh O’Hamill – Special Exception #12-02: This application is for a Special Exception for her to be able to operate a Pet Grooming Studio at her residence at 5613 Devon Drive in the R-1 Residential Zoning District. This is considered in the ordinance to be a Major Home Occupation. This request was first made on May 24, 2012 at which time the board denied her request primarily due to the lack of adequate off street parking.

Since then in order for her to continue to work she has had to go to customers’ homes. She has had her driveway repaved and enlarged and the walkway to the studio paved. She also submitted many letters of support from her neighbors. With the improvements she has made the board voted to approve the request on the conditions that she would have no employees, all customers would park in her driveway, the studio would not occupy more than 25% of her house as required by the ordinance and that there would be no signage on the property.

Deborah A. McDowell – Special Exception 12-04: The request for a Special Exception is for her and her husband to operate a photo studio as a Major Home Occupation in the walk-in lower level of their home at 6451 Lyters Lane. The property is in the R-1 Residential Zoning District. Most of their work is done off-site and with the modern equipment there is very little lab work involved. There is adequate on-site parking and there would be no employees and no signage. The request had previously been approved by the Planning Commission. The board voted to approve the request.

October 16, 2012


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

The purpose of this meeting was to hear presentations by representatives of two local financial management firms. The supervisors had recently sent out requests for proposals (RFP’s) to local firms to be considered to serve as financial advisors to the township for a possible upcoming municipal bond issue. The new bonds would consolidate some existing issues and hopefully realize a lower interest rate on some of the township’s borrowing.

Two firms were selected to be considered as advisors and representatives from those firms were interviewed separately at this meeting. The firm that is selected would work with bond council and an underwriting firm to execute and manage the bond issue. The two firms interviewed were Susquehanna Group and Public Financial Management. Both firms have offices in Harrisburg.

Each firm’s representatives made their detailed presentations covering their experience as financial advisors for other local municipalities and their interest in this project. After that the supervisors asked them to discuss their understanding and recommendations regarding Lower Paxton Township’s current fiscal situation and the anticipated bond issue. They discussed the advantages and disadvantages of a competitive bond sale and a negotiated bond sale. The supervisors also asked what the firm thought about the township’s consideration of trying to go through the involved process that would be required in an effort to improve their bond rating from AA2 to AA1.

No decision on the matter of selecting a financial advisor was made at this meeting. If the supervisors decide to go forward with a sale in a couple of months they will need to make a decision promptly on this matter.

October 16, 2012


Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson; Reported by Ted Robertson.


The Authority unanimously approved Resolutions 12-08-01 thru 12-08-20 authorizing condemnation for permanent and temporary construction easements in the BC 6 mini basin.

Concurrently, Resolutions 12-0009-01 thru 12-09-28 were approved authorizing condemnation for temporary construction easements for private sewers in the BC6 mini basin.

The Authority unanimously approved Resolution 12-20 authorizing the recovery of third party collection fees for delinquent account collection services provided by Modern Recovery Solutions. The cost to the Township will be 25% of the amount recovered.

October 16, 2012


Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson; Reported by Ted Robertson.


The Supervisors unanimously approved the appointment of the Keystone Collections Group as the collector of delinquent Earned Income Taxes (EIT) in years prior to its appointment as the Tax Collector for the Dauphin County Tax Collection Committee (DCTCC).


The Supervisors unanimously approved the agreement authorizing the recovery of third party collection fees delinquent account collection services provided by Modern Records Solutions.


The Supervisors unanimously approved the final subdivision plan for Autumn Oaks Phase II-A (12-10). This replaces 24 town homes, originally planned, with 14 single family residences.

The Supervisors voted 4-1 to approve a waiver request for the approved preliminary/final development plan for the Holy Name of Jesus Parish. This involves the installation of fencing around the detention basin. (Gary Crissman voted no).