SWAN Newsletter #73

August 28, 2012


Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson; Reported by Ted Robertson.

Absent: Gary Crissman

The Supervisors voted 4-0 to approve Resolution 12-28 authorizing the submission of an application for Dauphin County Local Share Grant funds requested by the Heroes Grove Committee.

The Supervisors then unanimously voted to rank the existing requests of these funds as follows:

1. Colonial Park Fire Company

2. Lower Paxton Township Police Car radios

3. Heroes Grove project

There was a discussion concerning the process to be used in the evaluation of emergency medical service providers. A second meeting with the respective providers, and a financial audit of each provider was discussed.

There was further discussion of the request for waivers for the preliminary land development for the Longhorn Steakhouse at the Sears entrance to the Colonial Park Mall off Route 22. A legal issue will have to be resolved before a vote by the Supervisors can be taken. This is scheduled for the September Workshop.

August 28, 2012


Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson; Reported by Ted Robertson.

Absent: Gary Crissman


The Supervisors unanimously approved Change Order # 4 for the Rogele PC 3B/1A contract in the amount credited to be: $71,500.00. This was an adjustment of contract quantities.

The Authority unanimously approved Change Order #7 for the Asylum Run Contract in the amount credited to be $500,000.00. This was also an adjustment in contract quantities.

Mr. Weaver reported that approval should be forthcoming from DEP for the Second Amendment to the Second Consent Decree.

After a review of the 2013 budget, the Authority Staff is recommending that the sewer rates remain the same in 2013.

A discussion was held concerning the collection of delinquent accounts which have increased significantly during the economic downturn.


There was nothing of significance to report.

August 30, 2012


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Bishop McDevitt High School – Docket #1318 This hearing was a continuation of the one held on July 26, 2012 involving a request for a variance to be allowed to erect an entrance sign at the new high school larger than the maximum area allowed by code. At the previous hearing the board voted to approve the variance request. Due to a minor irregularity the board’s council requested that as a formality the previous approval be reaffirmed. The board voted to reaffirm that decision.

Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet – Docket #1320 This request was for a variance from the maximum height requirement for a sign to be located at the southeast corner of Route 22 and Blue Ribbon Avenue. The ordinance limits a sign to 10 feet in height but the proposed sign would be 35 feet in height. The sign would be placed at a location which is 25 feet below the level of the adjacent roadway which means that from the roadway only 10 feet of the sign and its support pole would be visible from road level. The board voted to approve the request.

September 4, 2012


Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson; Reported by Ted Robertson.

Absent: Gary Crissman


The Supervisors voted 4-0 to approve Addendum No. 1 to the Agreement with Waste Management for the collection of solid waste and recyclables for a five (5) year period. This will eliminate for two years the 2.2% increase per year allowed in the original contract. The increase for the final three years of the contract will be 2.0% per year.

The Supervisors unanimously voted to reject and re-bid the contract for bridge repairs for the bridge over Beaver Creek. One bid was received.

The Supervisors unanimously approved an agreement with Simone Collins, Inc., in the amount of $79,998.00 to undertake the Wolfersberger/Koons Parks Master Plan.


The Supervisors unanimously approved Resolution 12-29 amending the fines assessed for parking violations as follows:

1. Parking violations fines will be increased from $15.00 to $20.00.

2. Fire Lane parking violation fines will be increased from $25.00 to $35.00.

The Supervisors unanimously approved Resolution 12-30 establishing fees for Police Department fingerprint service. The fee for Lower Paxton Township residents will be $15.00. The fee for non-residents will be $30.00.

The Supervisors unanimously approved a contract with E. K. Services in the amount of $175,000.00 for emergency repairs for the sanitary sewer system pending the Solicitor’s approval.

The Supervisors voted unanimously to reject and rebid the contract for the purchase of vehicle fuels.


The Supervisors unanimously approved the preliminary/final subdivision plan for Grove Road Property (12-11). This is a six (6) acre parcel off Union Deposit Road which will be divided into four (4) lots.

September 5, 2012


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

PennDot Meeting: Representatives from the committee are scheduled to make a power point presentation to PennDot officials at their November 30th meeting to advise them of the committee’s past and future efforts in creating walking and biking opportunities in the township as guided by the existing detailed Greenway Plan. The presentation will include the committee’s mission statement, information on completed and planned trail projects, and past efforts where state grants have helped create successful projects. The goal of this presentation is to encourage further coordination between the state and Lower Paxton Township in developing walking and biking trails along state roads in the township.

Fundraising Committee: The purpose of this new committee is to begin coordinated fundraising efforts to support the operations of the Friendship Center, the Parks and Recreation Department, the Arts Council and the Greenway Committee. This should result in a single solicitation effort and should avoid any separate conflicting fundraising by individual groups. The committee will meet on Wednesday September 12th to begin to discuss the fundraising goals and how the fundraising will be accomplished.

Greenway Projects: The first portion of the walking trail at the new Autumn Oaks development has been repaved by the developer after the initial paving had gone into disrepair. Signage for the trail will be provided as a vocational school project.

On October 27th committee members will hike a portion of the Darlington Trail along the top of the mountain to the east of Hockers Park. They will try to evaluate what would be involved in opening that portion of the trail to hikers. The trail goes through private properties and those property owners would need to be contacted if any clearing work was considered in the future.

A possible trail along the sewer easement from Oak Park Circle south almost to the Osteopathic Hospital is being considered. This trail would traverse private properties. The township solicitor has been consulted about a possible Trail Access Agreement between the township and property owners that would allow hikers to traverse the private properties along the trail.

A proposed trail along Nyes Road would be on township property except for one small segment. Contact will be made to that land owner to try to obtain an easement before detailed planning is begun.

Safe Routes to School: Committee members have been working with several schools in the district to submit grant applications for state funds to assist in projects to improve student safety walking or biking to school. The applications must be submitted by the individual schools and are due in November. If asked the committee members will assist the schools in preparing the applications.

September 5, 2012


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Fireworks Shows: P&R department director Brian Luetchford reviewed for the board the incident at the Koons Park July 4th fireworks show where five unexploded shells were found in the park days after the event. This resulted in the supervisors cancelling for the time being any future fireworks shows in the parks. A representative from the Linglestown Fire Company later asked the supervisors to reconsider cancelling future shows based on the fact that there had never been a problem in the past and that there appeared to be other possible explanations for the appearance of unexploded shells in the park days after the show.

Updates: P&R Board members who also serve on the Arts Council and the Greenway Committee gave the board updates on the current activities of those two groups.

Park Projects: Mr. Luetchford reported that improvements to the streambed in Brightbill Park have been completed, trees will be planted in the area and vocational school students will be building a bridge over the stream along the walkway. At George Park, CASA’s project to redo the soccer fields, including an irrigation system, is completed and the fields will be ready for use in the spring.

Park Planning: The supervisors recently approved accepting a state matching grant to prepare a master plan for the development of Wolfersberger Park and the upgrading of Koons Park. The newly formed Master Site Plan Study Committee received formal proposals from three professional planning firms and chose Simone Collins, Inc. to do the study. They are the firm that several years ago prepared the township’s Greenway Plan. The committee will have an initial meeting with the firm on September 20th to get the study underway. The study needs to be finished in less than a year. Open meetings will be held for public input during the planning process.

Fundraising Committee: This new committee has been organized to facilitate public donations for P&R activities. See the note on this in the Greenway Committee meeting report of the same date.

September 11, 2012


Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson; Reported by Ted Robertson.

Dr. Bennett Chotiner had some questions about the necessity of a land development plan for an expansion to an existing structure. The Supervisors indicated that the law requires a land development plan.

The Supervisors approved a list of questions to be submitted to the emergency medical service providers as part of the Township’s request for proposals. A period of six (6) weeks from the time of issuance of the letter to a final interview with the providers was suggested.

Mr. Wolfe reported that the procedure has started for the procurement of insurance proposals for the 2012-2013 year of coverage. The cost of a full Request for Proposal (RFP) will be included in the 2013 fiscal year budget.

The Supervisors appeared to agree to a request for waivers on behalf of the Longhorn Steakhouse at the Route 22 entrance to Sears. Enhancements on the Longhorn Steakhouse property were requested by the Supervisors.

September 12, 2012


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Autumn Oaks, Phase 2A – Final Subdivision Plan #12-10 This submission is to receive final approval of the plan for the 4.8 acre plot identified as Phase 2A consisting of 14 building lots for single family homes. The original plan was for this plot to be for townhouses. The plot is zoned Residential-Cluster and is a portion of the plan for Phase 2 which had been previously approved. Phase 2 is part of the total 313 acre Autumn Oaks development located at the north end of Patton Road. The commissioners recommended approval of the plan.

Andrea O’Hamill – Special Exception #12-02 This request for a Special Exception is to be allowed to operate a Pet Grooming Studio at the house at 5613 Devon Drive in the R-1 Low Density Residential Zoning District. The request was heard by the Zoning Hearing Board at their May meeting and was denied. She had asked to resubmit her request to the Planning Commission at this meeting but she did not appear. Without her in attendance to present new information the commissioners voted to pass the request on to the Zoning Hearing Board with no recommendation.

Deborah McDowell – Special Exception #12-04 The applicant requested a special exception to operate a photography studio in her house located at 6451 Lyters Lane in the R-1 Low Density Residential Zoning District. This activity is classified as a major home occupation. She would operate the studio by appointment only and there is adequate off street parking. She contacted her neighbors and they have no objections to the activity. The commissioners recommended approval of the request.

September 18, 2012


Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson; Reported by Ted Robertson.


George Wolfe stated that Halloween in Lower Paxton Township will be held on Thursday, October 25th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.

Several senior citizens questioned the increase in costs of the Senior Center facilities at the Friendship Center. A discussion will be forthcoming at the October Workshop to try to resolve this issue.

Several residents and the CEO of South Central EMS spoke in favor of retaining South Central EMS as the emergency health care provider in Lower Paxton Township.

A resident of the Earl Drive area asked the Supervisors if any progress had been made in addressing the storm water problem in the Earl Drive area.


The Supervisors unanimously approved the transfer of a liquor license from Halifax to Buffalo Wild Wings in the Colonial Park Mall.

The Supervisors unanimously approved Resolution 12-31 accepting the Minimum Municipal Obligations for the Police and non-uniformed employees pension plans in the amount of $1,566,000.00.

The Supervisors unanimously approved Brown and Brown as the provider of property and liability insurance for the Township and the Authority.


The Supervisors unanimously approved the preliminary/final subdivision plan for John and Sandra Byerly (12-04). This divides a 10 ½ acre plot into 3 lots with no plans for immediate future development.

The Supervisors unanimously approved a Declaration of Consolidation for previously subdivided lots for Bible Chapel of Union Deposit Road. This combines three lots into one.

September 20, 2012


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Earlier in the year the township received approval of a matching state grant application for the preparation of a master plan study for the future development of two park locations in the township. These locations are the Wolfersberger Tract which would become a new community park and the existing Koons Park which would be upgraded. The 93 acre unimproved Wolfersberger Tract is located on the east side of Wenrich Street east of Linglestown and the 33 acre Koons Park is in the Village of Linglestown.

The township voted to accept the grant and a committee was formed to select a planning firm to create the master plan for future development of the two neighboring parks. The committee interviewed a number of firms and selected Simone Collins, Inc. to develop the plan. This firm previously prepared the township’s Greenway Plan which serves as a guide for the development of walkways, bikeways and trails in the township. Under the terms of the grant the planning must be completed in less than a year. This meeting was the first of approximately 10 scheduled meetings to be held between now and the middle of June 2013. These include 4 public meetings, the first of which will probably be on October 24th of this year.

This initial meeting with the committee was conducted by planner Bill Collins and it was a brainstorming session where their planners present asked many questions and the committee members supplied initial thoughts on their wish lists. The first public meeting will again be to gather information, this time from citizens, as to their wishes, questions and concerns. After that the planners will meet with the supervisors to update them and they will then develop preliminary design concepts based on the information they have collected. Following the second public meeting they will refine the concepts and develop a draft plan. After the third public meeting they will prepare a final plan and will submit it to the committee and the supervisors at their meetings before presenting it at the fourth and final public meeting. This final meeting is currently scheduled for June 11, 2013.

September 20, 2012


Reported by Watson Fisher.

This committee was created at the time that the Route 39 highway improvement project through the Village of Linglestown came into being. This effort was initiated by local initiatives and moved ahead in conjunction with PennDOT. The committee was formally created by the township supervisors and renewed by them annually. The committee members over the years included a group of civic leaders in the village. The committee served as the liaison between the local citizens, the state, the highway designers and the contractors. The committee met monthly and besides the road issue served as a sounding board and as mediators for a long list of issues affecting the residents in the village.

With the successful conclusion of the highway project the committee’s main purpose was concluded. At the same time the Linglestown Merchants Association became better organized and more active and a new organization, the Linglestown Area Civic Association, was created and expanded. With these developments and the increased activity of these other organizations the Village of Linglestown Committee felt that its work was completed.

The result was that at this meeting the committee voted to disband. The township supervisors will probably act between now and the end of the year to formally end the committee’s existence and to thank the members for their service.

October 2, 2012


Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson; Reported by Ted Robertson.

Absent: Bill Hornung

Two Police Officers were promoted:

· Officer Steve Cover was promoted to Corporal

· Corporal Justin DePasqua was promoted to Sergeant

Other than the approval of the reduction of four Improvement Guarantees and the payment of bills, no other Township business was conducted at this meeting.