SWAN Newsletter #69

May22, 2012


Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.


The Authority voted unanimously to approve Resolutions 12-09-01 through 12-09-04 authorizing the condemnation of property for sewer easements in the Spring Creek 1E project.

The Authority voted unanimously to approve Resolutions 12-05-01 through 12-05-27 authorizing the condemnation of property for temporary construction easements for private sewers in the Paxton Creek 2C/2D, 1G/1H and Spring Creek 1E/1G projects.

The Authority unanimously agreed to approve Deeds of Dedication for the Stottlemeyer, Bartels, and Tricoff properties for sewer easements in the Spring Creek 1E area. All agreements were for minimal dollar amounts.

The Authority unanimously denied the request from Marc Tyndale for sewer billing and tapping fee credits.

The Authority unanimously approved Resolution 12-06 authorizing the submission of a cost sharing request to PENNDOT for State Route 3019-007, North Mountain Road. This is standard operating procedure for sewer replacement on State roads.


There was a lengthy discussion concerning the upgrading of the Gale Drive pumping station versus installing a new Oakhurst interceptor. This project is made more complex by the potential development in Susquehanna Township and Lower Paxton Township. The modeling for this project is almost complete, and engineers from CET and the Township should have viable cost figures for both alternatives for the August Authority meeting.

May 24, 2012


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

Andrea Leigh O’Hamill – Special Exception #12-02 – This request is for a Special Exception for Miss O’Hamill to be allowed to continue to operate a Pet Grooming Studio, which is considered a Major Home Occupation, at her home. The home is located at 5613 Devon Drive in the R-1 Low Density Residential Zoning District. The board was concerned with the limited off street parking available for customers bringing their pets to the house for grooming and the limited on street parking on this narrow street with relative narrow lots on both sides. One neighbor and two customers who drive to the house expressed support for the request and one neighbor expressed concern for the traffic on the narrow street and for the limited off street parking.

It was pointed out that the grooming business would be considered a Minor Home Occupation which normally does not require board approval instead of a Major Home Occupation which does require board approval and would probably be acceptable if it did not involve routine visits to the home by customers. This would require the groomer to bring the dogs to the house and return them. Primarily because of the traffic concerns the board voted to deny the request.

Pinnacle Health – Docket #1312 – This application is a request for a variance from the maximum height limitations for an addition to the existing Community General Osteopathic Hospital at 4300 Londonderry Road. The hospital is located in the IN Institutional Zoning District where the building height is limited to 60 feet. The variance would allow the total height of the addition to be 70 feet high.

The proposed addition would be to the existing central two story section of the hospital building and would consist to building three additional floors of patient rooms above the existing two story structure. The existing structure was designed to support three more floors. The addition, two floors of which would be finished and the top floor would be prepared to be finished in the future, would replace semi-private rooms, which were part of the original hospital building, with new private rooms. The old rooms do not meet current guidelines and that one story wing would be demolished. The board voted to approve the request.

Chris Danilshenko – Docket #SE 2012-03 – This request is for a Special Exception to operate a BYOB club at the property known as 3920 Jonestown Road, Harrisburg. Pennsylvania. A representative from the applicant requested a one month’s postponement in order complete the application. The board voted to honor the request.

June 5, 2012


Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson and reported by Ted Robertson.


The Supervisors unanimously approved the bid of A. P. Wireless for the sale of the Townships lease of land on which America Tower Corporation has cited a cellular telephone tower in the amount of $503,088.00. Three bids were received, but two of the bids were deemed incomplete by Staff and Counsel.

The Supervisors unanimously approved Resolution 12-20 for a lease agreement for the purchase of an asphalt roller for the Public Works Department. This is a three (3) year lease in the amount of $34,738.00.


The Supervisors unanimously approved the appointment of Timothy Murphy to the Shade Tree Commission.

The Supervisors unanimously approved the low bid of Doly, Inc., for sewer improvements in the SC-IE/IG mini basins in the amount of $2,139,605.00. There were 11 bids. The Engineers estimate was $2,586,200.00.

June 6, 2012


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

PennDot – At a previous meeting, several representatives from the state attended to discuss how the township could coordinate planning for possible future trails along state roads. P&R Department director Brian Luetchford reported that further discussions indicated that the township should be in contact with the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission, which is involved in planning for upcoming state road projects, and should access their Transportation Improvement Plan. Mr. Luetchford and committee member Roy Newsome plan to attend their next meeting to initiate the dialogue and make a brief presentation on behalf of the township.

Marking Trails – Mr. Luetchford presented suggestions for uniform signage that could be placed along existing trails in the township. The signs would identify trails and provide basic information about the particular trail. They could be made by the township’s Public Works Department or possibly as a student project at the Vo-Tech School. The committee approved his suggestions and he will investigate estimated costs. To begin with signs would be placed on one trail.

Safe Routes to School Project – Committee members are continuing their contacts with five schools in the CD district to encourage their participation in grant applications to improve safety for students who walk to school. The applications have to come from the individual schools and the committee is working to determine if the schools are interested in applying and if so, to help them with the fairly simple application process. If successful the grant money would be used to improve sidewalks and dangerous intersections.

Darlington Trail – Mr. Luetchford produced a large aerial photograph showing the location of the old trail at the top of the mountain across the township. The photo indicated the approximate locations of private property lines along the trail. This will be very helpful in identifying property owners on and near the trail.

Park Planning Grant – The supervisors recently voted to accept the matching state grant to do initial planning for the development of Wolfersberger Park and the improvements at Koons Park. This committee will need to be represented during the planning process to advise on locations for trails, especially at Wolfersberger Park.

June 6, 2012


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

This meeting was held in the Brightbill Park Pavilion. The board’s July 11th meeting will be at George Park and their August meeting will be at Lingle Park.

Interview – Mr. John Scola was interviewed for the vacant position on the board. Later in the meeting the board voted to recommend that at their next meeting the supervisors appoint him to the P&R board.

Renting Park Facilities – Requests have been received from local businesses and organizations to rent park facilities for their use for outings, etc. The township will need to consider what their policy should be regarding this matter.

Wolfersberger Park – P&R Department Brian Luetchford reported to the board what is underway regarding the placing of fill on the 50 acre section of the Wolfersberger Park adjacent to Wenrich Road. Consideration had been given to allow contractors working on sewer projects in the township to place their excess fill on the site thereby reducing their transportation costs and therefore saving money for the township. Now the plan is to extend the option to other contractors in the area who need a location to deposit excess fill which will be an additional revenue source for the township. This preliminary grading would also reduce grading costs in the future.

HRG has prepared a preliminary grading plan showing where on the site the fill should be placed to help create large level areas for future athletic fields, parking lots, etc., and avoiding the existing wetland areas which cannot be touched. The general concept for the project and the preliminary grading plan will be presented for action by the supervisors in the near future.

Updates – Stan Smith, the Arts Council representative, reported that the council has planned a number of community projects for the rest of the year. Jim Seidler, the Greenway Committee representative, reported that the committee is working on a trail marking system and a school safety grant application. The George Park in-line hockey rink will be getting more use after inquires by several organizations for reserved planning time. Some of the soccer fields at George Park are being totally redone by CASA including full irrigation systems.

Park Planning Grant – Recently the supervisors approved the acceptance of a matching state grant for the planning of the development of Wolfersberger Park and improvements at Koons Park. Time is of the essence to meet the grant’s requirements to get the planning done. The first step in the process will be for this board to select a design firm to produce the plans. The department will solicit proposals and the board will interview firms and make their choice. The interviews will begin on August 8th. The board will then select members of a Master Plan Study Committee to work with the design firm. The suggestion is for the committee to consist of the seven P&R Board members and five others selected by the board.

June 12, 2012


Attended by Mark Levine, Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson and reported by Ted Robertson.

Late: Bill Hornung (Arrived at 7:30 PM)


Mark Levin presented some potential solutions for storm water problems for residents in the Earl Drive area. The first was an additional culvert under Earl Drive just west of Loop Drive. This solution had been explored by CET and the Township Engineer and was deemed impractical. Mark’s second recommendation, the lowering of the water level in the marina at the eastern end of Earl Drive prior to projected heavy rains, will be explored by the Township.


The Supervisors heard a presentation by Dan Robinson, representing Pugliese Associates, regarding their services as government affairs consultants.

The Supervisors heard a presentation by Jason Campbell regarding the operations of South Central EMS including a five year budget plan for the future which should lower the Township’s contribution by $20,000 per year. In this writer’s opinion this was a much needed change for South Central EMS and will result in improved services for the residents of Lower Paxton Township.

Mr. Wolfe reviewed a proposed resolution in which the Township would solicit residents to serve on a Uniform Construction Code Appeals Board. If no qualified applicants from the Township are obtained, the Township may go to residents outside the Township to fill these positions. This is a result of a ruling by the State Supreme Court.

Editor’s Note: The Uniform Construction Code Appeals Board is an accounting function mandated from the State Supreme Court for all municipalities. This mandate must be equal to or more stringent than the Federal mandate. It will operate similar to the Zoning Hearing Board, in which members will arbitrate disputes and be paid on a case to case basis. Rules to qualify include licensed craftsman, licensed engineers, building inspectors…

Mr. Stine led a discussion concerning required amendments to the Zoning Ordinance to permit oil and gas operations in accordance with PA Act 13 of 2012. This pertains primarily to Marcellus Shale operations. The deadline for Township action on an Ordinance or an overlay is August 9, 2012.

Mr. Wolfe presented a concept plan to bid the Wolfersberger Tract as a clean fill site. The Township will have to make a final payment of $40,000.00 before this plan can become operational.

Mr. Wolfe reviewed a proposal for planning services for Wolfersberger Park development and Koons Park redevelopment. Total cost of this contract is proposed to be $80,000.00 of which $40,000 will be a DC&R Grant. The process will require about one year and will involve public input.

Mr. Wolfe presented proposals from PAWS and Lower Paxton Community Cats for the spaying and neutering of free roaming cats. Mr. Wolfe will present a Township response to their proposals at a later meeting.