SWAN Newsletter # 58
May 10, 2011
(6:05 PM – 9:00 PM)
Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.
The Township Engineer reported that Lower Paxton Township Bridge No. 10 has been accepted by the PENNDOT TIP program. Additional funding has become available through the TIP program reducing the Township’s share from $150,000.00 to $37,500.00.
The Supervisors reviewed a plan to add 92 townhouse units to the Laurel Ridge development. This development is zoned R-2. There was some question concerning existing recreational facilities as opposed to “fee in lieu of” payment. The Supervisors appeared to favor this project.
The Supervisors reviewed a request to amend the phasing schedule for Sunny Hills Farms South from four (4) phases to two (2) phases. This development involves 32 lots off Lyter’s Lane originally under contract to Altieri Builders. The original approved plan included an estimated $150,000.00 worth of road improvements to Lyter’s Lane. This could become a sticking point.
The Friendship Operating Board made a recommendation to lease certain cardio equipment rather than buy new equipment. The Supervisors appeared to agree that the benefits of leasing the equipment out weighed the purchasing of the equipment.
Mr. Wolfe reviewed the 1st quarter of 2011 Key Indicator Report. Lagging Earned Income Tax and Real Estate Tax collections remain the prime reasons for the Township’s 1st quarter deficit.
Under “Otta Know”, Mr. Wolfe reviewed PA Act 44 of 2009 and its procurement and conflict of interest requirements.
May 12, 2011
Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.
Building Code The Township’s building inspector reported that new state legislation does away with the requirement for sprinklers in new single family homes. He also said that consideration is being given to possibly requiring CO2 detectors in new homes at some time in the future.
Truss Marking Ordinance The committee has been working for some time to develop an ordinance requiring that permanent signage be placed on the exterior of all new or enlarged non-residential buildings in the township constructed of wood or steel truss floor of roof construction. In the case of a fire, the signage would alert firefighters that the building structure involves truss construction which in many cases creates a much greater risk of building collapse from fire than solid floor or roof construction and they can be aware of this added danger and proceed accordingly. Copies of the proposed Truss Construction Signage Ordinance were given to the committee members for their review and will be forwarded to the township’s solicitor for his approval.
Linglestown Construction It was reported that Linglestown Road,from the square east, is now open to two way traffic and that the western section will also be open both ways in the near future.
Fire Engine The Linglestown Fire Company chief reported that their 1982 Pierce Arrow Fire Engine has finally been sold and that it will be removed from the firehouse by the end of June.
Grants The PA Gaming Grant that has been approved was sent to the county to be signed and has not yet been returned. Nothing has been heard about the Pre-emption Device Grant that had been applied for and it is assumed that it failed.
LOSAP This new plan which will provide payments to firefighters based on their years of service to the township will begin paying in 2013. The fire chiefs will schedule a meeting with the public service director in the near future to update their rosters.
Miscellaneous A meeting will be scheduled for the fire chiefs to meet with the supervisors for the chiefs to update the supervisors on their companies’ operations. Driving tests will be given in the near future to all the drivers of emergency vehicles.
May 16, 2011
(7:30 PM – 8:00 PM)
Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.
Absent: Bill Hornung
Under Old Business: Diane Myers-Krug of the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission (TCRPC) gave a brief presentation outlining the work and history of the TCRPC involving Cumberland, Dauphin and Perry Counties. This is in connection with a proposed Memorandum of Understanding between the TCRPC and the various municipalities included in this area. The TCRPC is a source of funding for transportation and infrastructure improvements. The Memorandum of Understanding will be on the agenda for the Supervisors June 7th, 2011 meeting.
The Supervisors voted 4 – 0 to approve an engagement letter with Hawke, McKeon and Sniscak, LLP for representation in certain sanitary sewer rate matters.
Under New Business: The Supervisors voted 4 – 0 to approve the bid of Pennsy Supply in the amount of $1,547,000.00 for the 2011 roadway paving program.
The Supervisors voted 4 – 0 to approve Resolution 11-08, adopting the Hazard Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation Plan Update for Lower Paxton Township. This is a FEMA and County requirement.
May 24, 2011
Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.

Under New Business: The Authority unanimously approved an engagement letter with Hawke, McKeon and Sniscak LLP for representation in certain sanitary sewer maters.
The Authority unanimously approved Change Order #1 for lining and time extension for the sewer line running under Route 83.
The Authority unanimously denied the request by Liberty for Change Order # 1 for trench collapse in the McIntosh, Hillsdale Roads area.
The Authority deferred action on Change Order #2 for the PCIA/IC Contract for additional paving required by Public Works in the Colonial Crest area. Reliable paving estimates were not available at the time of this meeting.
The Authority deferred action on Change Order #8 for the PCIA/IC contract for rock removal for a new sewer trench to the Manor House in Stray Winds Farms. The per yard cost of rock removal was questioned by the Authority.
The authority unanimously approved the CET Engineering Agreement Exhibit #11 requesting an additional inspector in order to keep the projects on schedule.
Under Township reports, a lengthy discussion on the revised Second Beaver Creek Corrective Action Plan amendment to the Second Consent Decree and Settlement Agreement with DEP ensued. This is a result of the inability of Lower Paxton Township and South Hanover Township to agree on the installation of a storm water pumping station on South Hanover Township property. Initial estimates for the revised plan are quite high. Alternative solutions are being investigated including storage facilities.
Mr. Pleasants attended the Authority meeting for the purpose of reviewing his letter requesting reimbursement for the installation of the sewer lateral on his property. No action was taken by the Authority at this time.
May 26, 2011
Attended and reported by Bill Bostic.
Linglestown Road is projected to be open to two-way traffic with both roundabouts in service on Friday, June 3, said a representative with the village improvement contractor Leon E. Wintermyer, Inc. Concrete work and patch paving need to be completed prior to removing the traffic detour through the village.
After the road is opened, final paving and other work on Linglestown Road can be completed with daytime flagging.
Committee members requested Lower Paxton Twp. manager George Wolfe to ask PennDOT to issue a press release with information to educate motorists on how to negotiate the roundabouts.
Township officials are trying to get PPL to install shields in the street lights to reduce the amount of light directed into second floors of homes along Linglestown Road. PPL indicated during project planning that using shields would not be a problem and did not mention addition costs, said Wolfe. PPL seems unwilling to install the shields at this time. The shields would cost an estimated $10,000.00 if the township assumes responsibility for installing the shields.
Because the end of construction is nearing, Committee Chairman Eric Kessler requested Wolfe to ask the township supervisors to consider when the village committee will be disbanded. Committee member Stuart Knade expressed interest in keeping the committee in place to do a review of zoning and sign regulations that apply to the village.
Tina Robenolt of the Linglestown Merchants Association inquired about who is responsible for maintaining the grass and bushes that will be installed in the square roundabout. Township officials said the Linglestown Women’s Club signed an agreement with PennDOT to do the maintenance work.
May 26, 2011
Attended and reported by Watson Fisher,
Jean Elizabeth Vary and Janice V. Fritz – Docket # 1299 This application was a request for a variance from the front yard setback requirements for a proposed addition to their house at 6224 Elaine Avenue in the R-2 Medium Density Residential District. The project would consist of an addition on the east side of their house that would include a new two car garage and the enlargement of the existing kitchen. The proposed addition would encroach 2 feet into the minimum 25 foot required front yard setback. Neighbors adjacent on both sides of the property stated they had no objections to the proposed addition. The board voted to approve the request as presented.
DeForest Signs – Docket #1300 This variance request by Bhupendra Patel of MLG Enterprises, Inc. was in regard to the freestanding sign at the Ramada Motel at 300 North Mountain Road in the CG Commercial General Zoning District. The applicant proposes to replace the existing non-conforming sign with a new sign that would be lower and smaller than the existing sign but would still exceed the township’s size and height limitations. The board considered the owner’s need to maintain adequate signage along Interstate 81 and felt that the new sign would be an improvement. They voted to approve the request.
June 1, 2011
Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.
There was not a quorum present so this was not an official meeting. Those in attendance discussed the following items:

Nyes Run Greenway The committee intends to continue planning for the construction of a possible trail along Nyes Run from Union Deposit Road south to the Swatara Township line, a distance of approximately a mile and a half. Because of the presence of wetlands along the stream a DEP permit would be required. Representatives from the Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources had expressed interest in this as a possible pilot project, which would speed up the permitting process. Parks & Recreation Department director Brian Luetchford met with representatives of the two departments to discuss this project. The results of the meeting were that the state felt that this would not be a large enough project for them to use as a pilot project. The committee will plan to continue the step by step process to gather information and do the initial planning that can be done while looking for the funding needed to really proceed with the project.
Sidewalk Connection Projects On May 7th committee members toured locations in the township that they had identified where the addition of relatively short sections of new sidewalks could connect developments or complete sidewalk loops. They developed a detailed list of potential projects that were suggested by the members.
June 1, 2011
Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.
Dauphin County Heroes Grove Sheri H. Collins who is the new president of the Heroes Grove organization gave the board a detailed report on the current status of the project. She said that it has been 10 years in development but with very little real progress to date and that they are obviously a long way from breaking ground. The objective has been to create a Dauphin County wide memorial to fallen veterans * and the proposed location in a Lower Paxton Township park was selected. Fund raising for the project was started in 2003 with a grant from a community organization, donations from individuals and veterans’ organizations, several small fund raisers which actually lost money, and the sale of engraved bricks and pavers. The plan for an outdoor amphitheater was developed by a summer intern in a local design firm and was estimated to cost 3 or 4 million dollars. It was an initial concept but not necessarily accepted as their proposed design. *(Please Note: Heroes Grove also acknowledges firemen, police officers and EMT’s as the heroes being honored along with fallen veterans.)

They have $46,000.00 in the treasury and their efforts to get additional grants have not been successful. They realize that there is little likelihood that our state and federal representatives will be able to get any funding for the project. However they feel a significantly scaled down county wide project is a worthwhile goal and they intend to try to move ahead. She said the organization has a core of community leaders involved and is now essentially starting from scratch.
The P & R board appreciated her report. They expressed concern that for a long time they had no information about what seemed to be a fairly large project that had been planned and where earth moving was expected to begin in a township park without the township leaders or the park board being advised or consulted. They were concerned about details including who would be responsible for future maintenance and security and adherence to the township’s park regulations. They supported the concept of a scaled down effort or a phased project and requested that P&R Department Director Brian Luetchford be involved in the planning of any project that they would be considering to be built in any of the township parks.

Brightbill Stream Two representatives from a local environmental organization made a presentation to the board on their plan to make improvements to the wooded area and the stream in the northwest part of Brightbill Park. The improvements would include reconstruction of the paths and the footbridge, extensive rebuilding of the stream banks and some new plantings. The project is estimated to cost about $75,000.00, which will come from grants and contributions. Much of the labor will be done by high school and college students and by other volunteers.
June 7, 2011
(7:30 PM – 10:15 PM)
There were several SWAN members in attendance. Reported by Ted Robertson.
Public Safety Director, Johnson conducted the annual Police Department Awards Ceremony. This ceremony was impressive, and should be mandatory viewing for all LP Township residents.
Under Old Business: The Supervisors unanimously approved a Memorandum of Understanding with Tri-County Regional Planning Commission regarding its Regional Growth Management Plan.
A Public Hearing was held on Ordinance 11-03 which was a Text Amendment proposed by Triple Crown for the development of Stray Winds Farms which would allow a 20% increase in density for the area. Triple Crown presented the Text Amendment outlining the plan for the development of Stray Winds Farms. An attorney representing several neighboring residents, a paid municipal planning “expert”, and several residents presented testimony opposing the Text Amendment. Several members of SWAN presented testimony favoring the Text Amendment. Included in this testimony were the five plus years of negotiating efforts on behalf of SWAN with Triple Crown and the Township. A point was made that the roadway safety improvements were a result of negotiations between Triple Crown and SWAN. Statistics concerning the safety improvements on Colonial Road, McIntosh Road, and Crums Mill Road were presented. These improvements benefit all residents and non-residents of the Township using these roads. The benefits of the increased green space, increased buffer zone widths, increased stream set back widths, maintaining existing tree stands, and the installation of a passive park and 8,400 feet of lighted walkway were also noted.
Case law was presented by both parties favoring and opposing the Text Amendment. Steve Stine will review the same and present his findings at the June 21st Supervisors meeting.

Under New Business: The request from New Cingular Wireless PCS for a waiver of accrued penalties in regard to delinquent real estate taxes was denied.
The Supervisors unanimously approved Resolution 11-09 providing for the preparation, updating, and maintenance of an emergency operations plan.
The Supervisors unanimously approved the bids for energy improvements at the Energy Center as follows:
HVAC – A.P. Williams; Plumbing – Heim Company. The bids for the electrical work were rejected for being too high.
The Supervisors unanimously approved Ordinance 11-04 amending regulations governing sanitary sewage pre-treatment.
The agreement between the Township and the Fireman’s Relief Association regarding the reimbursement of funds to the Association upon the sale of the Township’s Seagrave pumper will be held for further clarification.
June 8, 2011
Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.
Kings Pointe – Preliminary/Final Subdivision & Land Development Plan #11-04 This request is to subdivide the property on the south side of Linglestown Road opposite Dover Road which currently contains 47 townhouses into two separate lots. All of the existing townhouses are located on the 6.9 acre parcel which would be Lot 1, and Lot 2 which would consist of 2 acres would be the location for 6 additional townhouses. All township ordinance requirements will be met and the commissioners voted to recommend approval of the plan.
Lands of Frederick & Linda Givens – Preliminary/Final Subdivision Plan #11-05 This subdivision request is to subdivide a 2.97 acre parcel on the south side of Valley Road and on the east side of Interstate 83 into three separate lots. The proposed plan would be to have one lot which would contain the existing house and two narrow lots behind it on which a developer could build houses. There were questions about the feasibility of developing the property due to its location next to the expressway and the shape of the tract. The commissioners recommended approval of the subdivision.
James J. Griffiths, 1100 Ranger Road – Sketch Plan This sketch plan submission was regarding the possible subdivision of a 4 acre parcel of land on the west side of Ranger Road between Linglestown Road and Tee Road into two lots. The narrow parcel is bounded on the west by Paxton Creek and much of it is in the 100 year flood plane. The owner plans to build a house for himself on the southern lot which has sufficient dry area and to legally separate it from the northern lot which has virtually no buildable area. The reason for the subdivision is to avoid having the northern parcel included on the mortgage for the house. It is expected that no construction will ever be possible on the northern parcel. The commissioners did not object to the subdivision but said they would have to consider whether or not they would eventually require curbing to be installed along Ranger Road as part of any construction project.
Business Improvement District The commissioners have completed the preliminary plan which is required as part of the legal process of creating the district. The intent is to meet with the supervisors in a workshop session in the near future to present the plan to them.
There will be a public meeting in the near future to present the project and encourage public participation.
Incidents Mr. Luetchford reported to the board about recent police incidents at six of the township parks.
Vacancies Currently there are vacancies on the Parks & Recreation Board and on the Arts Council. Applicants will be interviewed by the board at a meeting tentatively scheduled for July 12th.
June 14, 2011
(6:00 PM – 7:30 PM)
Attended by Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson. Reported by Ted Robertson.
Absent: David Blain
The Supervisors reviewed a request to extinguish the preliminary/final land development plan for Weis Markets (06-13) and the associated letter of credit. Representatives of Weis Markets stated that they would provide the necessary documents to the Supervisors for review and further action.
The Supervisors reviewed a proposal from Ballard King to conduct an operation performance audit for the Friendship Center. The cost would be $15,875.00. The proposal will be presented for action by the Supervisors at the June 21, 2011 meeting.
Mr. Wolfe presented a proposal from Expense Reduction Consulting LLC to conduct a review of the Lower Paxton Township’s cable franchise fees. This was done primarily for informational purposes as more details are needed concerning this proposal.
Mr. Wolfe presented a request from a confidential potential developer for the Township to consider enactment of a Local Revitalization Tax Assistance Program (LERTA). This also was for information only.
Mr. Wolfe presented revised contract language for street trench width, restoration, and paving with regard to the sanitary sewer mini-basin system. This should clear up some claims and questions by contractors involved in the sanitary sewer restoration project.
Under “Otta Know”, Mr. Wolfe noted that DEP and EPA are at odds over EPA’s Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for the Chesapeake Bay as it pertains to Paxton Creek. It should be noted that the TMDL was established by a computer program and very little actual water testing. Stay tuned. This may get expensive for Lower Paxton Township taxpayers.
June 16, 2011
Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.
The committee had hoped to get project updates from the design engineer and the contractor for the Linglestown Road project but representatives from neither company were in attendance. Township manager George Wolfe was able to report that the contractor planned to have the entire length of Linglestown Road open to two-way traffic at the end of the day Monday June 20th and he also reported that the final wearing course would be placed just after the July 4th holiday weekend. That work would not require complete road closure but would be done with flagmen directing traffic.
A representative from the Merchants’ Association and several residents raised a number of items that were discussed. Penndot will send out a press release announcing the road opening. There is a need to publish information on the regulations governing traffic flow through the roundabouts. Nothing could be found on Penndot’s web site but it is understood that there would be a release from the state. The merchants are planning a celebration at the time of the Fall Festival which they will call “Linglestown Past and Present.” The concern continues about the need for light shields on the new street lights. PP&L wants to be paid for them but it was thought that they were included in the original contract. Mr.Wolfe said he will contact PP&L regarding this. Several civic organizations including the Garden Club and the Civic Association will be responsible for the planting and maintenance of the several planting beds.

The question was raised about the condition of the portion of Blackberry Alley east of Mountain Road since the western portion of Blackberry Alley and all of Raspberry Alley have been repaved. Mr. Wolfe clarified that the paved alleys are township property and were paved using funds from government grants but that the township does not have funds to improve the eastern portion of Blackberry Alley. The committee voted to make a formal request to the township that this last section of east west alleys be repaired when funds become available.