SWAN Newsletter #17

August 21, 2007


Attended and reported by Ted Robertson. Absent: Bill Hawk.

George Wolfe showed slides of the Township’s web site which is now up an running.

Under old business, a new (second) lease agreement with the New Love in Christ Church for parking spaces on property located at 6003 Old Jonestown Road was approved 4-0. This lease is for in kind work for a period of 5 years totaling $41,400.

Under new business, resolution 07-34, authorizing the submission of a request for reimbursement of police officer training expenses through MPOETC was approved 4-0.

Resolution 07-35 authorizing the submission of a Highway Occupancy Permit to Penn DOT for sanitary sewer work on Valley Road in the right-of way of I-83 was passed 4-0.

The Supervisors approved the low bid of $245,722 for the purchase of vehicle fuels from Petroleum Traders, Inc. 4-0.

Ordinances 07-08 and 07-09 involving changes in the Lower Paxton Township Police Pension Plan and the Lower Paxton Township Non-Uniformed Employees Pension Plan were approved 4-0. The changes had to be codified to be included in the plans.

Ordinance 07-11 amending the International Fire Code: 2006 as adopted through Ordinance 04-08 was approved 4-0. This was made necessary to specifically prohibit the burning of trash and recyclables per a DEP mandate.

Under the Subdivision and Land Development portion of the meeting, the preliminary/final subdivision plan for the Brown Farm (07-10) was tabled since no representative was in attendance to answer questions. This property is located at 6307 Lyter’s Lane.

The preliminary/final re subdivision of Old Iron Estates, Phase III, Lots 75 &76, (07-17) was approved 4-0. This involved moving a property line slightly to correct a mistake made by a prior contractor.

Several Boy Scouts were in attendance at this meeting to obtain credit for various merit badges. Supervisor Hornung did a good job of explaining the various actions taken by the Supervisors at this meeting in layman’s, terms.


August 28, 2007


Attended and reported by Ted Robertson.

The item of greatest interest to SWAN members was a proposal of an option of Agreement of Sale for the Commerce Park Lot 46 in Susquehanna Township to the Hudson Holding Company. Details will be forthcoming upon finalization of this agreement this week.

The remainder of the meeting involved items that were straight-forward and non-controversial.


September 4, 2007


Attended and reported by Ted Robertson.

Under new business the Supervisors unanimously voted to continue participation in the Urban County designation for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.

Resolution 07-37, making small changes in the right-of-way plan for the Linglestown Square project, was approved 5-0.

The Supervisors accepted the low bid of Kinsley Corporation of $307,835.00 for the reclamation and repaving of Conway Road.

Under subdivision and land development, the preliminary/final subdivision plan for the Brown Farm, off Lyter’s Lane, was approved unanimously. This involved two lots or about three acres of the approximately 47 acre property.

The preliminary/final land development for lot 50, Sir Thomas Court was approved 5-0. This involves a medical office building on three acres north of Londonderry Road.

Resolution 07-36, the planning module for the Harrisburg Foot and Ankle land development plan, was approved unanimously.


September 11, 2007


Attended and reported by Ted Robertson.

The brief business meeting was held to review the three bids received for the installation of a water line from Nyes Road into Thomas B. George Park. All three bidders were qualified and the low bid of $59,995 from E. K. Services, Inc was accepted. Lower Paxton Township Engineers estimate – $60,000.


September 11, 2007


Attended and reported by Ted Robertson.

Mr. Gary Imblum presented a water shut off plan to facilitate the collection of delinquent sewer accounts in the township. This plan would be significantly less costly than going through the lien process. A proper plan will be presented to the Supervisors for approval at a future meeting.

Apparently the person who bought the Colonial Village property from Mr. Kessler wants to sell the property. According to the representative from RSR Realtors, the “sticking point” for potential buyers is the uncertainty of available building permits due to restricted EDU (sewage) availability. RSR’s representative suggested that the Supervisors commit a fixed number of permits (40-60) to the Colonial Village project to facilitate the sale of the project. Needless to say the Supervisors turned this suggestion down. Whether there will be any further efforts along these lines remains unclear.

A number of questions have been raised by the Village of Linglestown Square Project. These ranged from the design of the street lights to the paving of Blackberry Alley. An invitation will be extended to the Committee to attend the Workshop Session October 9, 2007.

The remaining items were relatively straight forward and of little interest to SWAN.


September 12, 2007


Attended and reported by Watson Fisher.

4 Carolyn Street – Rezoning Request – Ordinance 07-12 The request is for this lot which is located north of Jonestown Road and just east of Colonial Commons Shopping Center to be rezoned from R-1, Residential – Low Density to CG, Commercial – General. The property was previously zoned Commercial and was erroneously rezoned to Residential last year. The owners requested that the error be corrected. Several neighbors objected to the rezoning stating concern that a future commercial use could negatively affect the value of their nearby properties. The owners stated that they planned to continue their current commercial use of the property and just wanted the earlier mistake corrected. The commissioners pointed out that the property was so small that it is unlikely, with the current zoning requirements, that it could ever become a problem for the neighbors and they felt it was in the best interest to correct the earlier mistake. The commissioners recommend approval of the zoning request.

Deluxe Motel Suites – Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan #07-19 This submission was tabled at the request of the applicant.

Commerce Park Office Building, Julie Trognmer & Greg Denk – Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan #07-20 This submission was tabled at the request of the applicant.

Open Space Overlay District, Discussion Regarding the Density Bonus – The commissioners had previously discussed that the density bonus presently in the ordinance for the Open Space Overlay in the underlying AR, Agricultural Residential district may be too large. The bonus, which allows an increase in the number of dwelling units for a development over that shown on the yield plan, is 50% for the underlying AR district compared to 10% in the underlying R-1, Residential-Low Density district and the other residential districts. After a discussion of all the related code factors it was suggested that possibly the number that was originally decided on may be the best number but that staff should take some time to analyze that matter a little closer. The question also came up as to why for the AR district there was no yield plan required. This will be reviewed.


September 13, 2007


Attended and reported by Ted Robertson.

A representative of the Shadebrook Development, the TND located on Fairmont Drive in back of Dauphin County Vo-Tech, presented the preliminary plan to the Committee for their review. Very little was said concerning the TND’s impact on traffic on Locust Lane, Union Deposit Road, Fairmont Drive, Cider Press Road, and Nye’s Road. (*Ted Robertson’s comments are under separate cover.)

Under Old Business, Paxtonia’s and Colonial Park’s fire apparatus specifications will be reviewed at the Supervisors Workshop Session on October 9, 2007.


*Ted Robertson’s view on traffic impact of Shadebrook Development and other ongoing development in this area:

In light of recent pork projects, such as Bud Shuster’s highway in western PA and the “Highway to Heaven” in Lackawanna County, and the PA Bridge Report recently released, Federal and State highway funds are going to become non-existent for local entities. Alternative funding sources must be strongly pursued by the Lower Paxton Township Supervisors along the same line of Triple Crown’s contribution for the Stray Winds Farm Development.

I have driven these roads many times over the past year. Following are what I believe to be minimum requirements necessary to improve traffic flow:

Intersection of Locust Lane and Fairmont Drive:

a.) Signalization.

b.) Left turn lanes East & West bound on Locust Lane.

c.) Left turn lanes North & South bound on Fairmont Drive.

Intersection of Locust Lane & Nye’s Road:

a.) Signalization.

b.) left turn lane on Nyes Road northbound onto Locust Lane.

c.) left turn lane eastbound on Locust Lane to northbound on Nyes Road.

Intersection of Cider Press Road & Union Deposit Road:

a.) Visibility looking from Cider Press Road east on Union Deposit Road toward Nyes Road is poor. Trees, shrubs, and the guide rail along the north side of Union Deposit Road contribute to this poor visibility.

Intersection of Fairmont Drive and Union Deposit Road:

a.) Left turn lane eastbound on Union Deposit Road to northbound on Fairmont Drive.(Line of sight from Fairmont coming onto Union Deposit Road is not the best. Not sure what will correct this situation.

In order to properly preserve Fairmont Drive, between Locust Lane and Union Deposit Road and Cider Press Road, adequate berms and drainage must be provided.


September 18, 2007 (7:30 – 9:00 PM)


Attended and reported by Ted Robertson and Watson Fisher.

The oath of office was administered to Fire Policeman George E. Bell by Chairman Hawk.

Nine resolutions, providing for acquisitions of rights-of way for temporary construction easements, drainage easements and /or slope easements for implementation of the Linglestown Square Project, were approved. Supervisors Hornung and Seeds abstained on those resolutions in which they had personal interest.

Resolution 07-39 amending the procedure for collecting delinquent sanitary sewer accounts to include a water shut-off option was unanimously approved.

Under new business, a hearing on the application from Molinari & Ruble to amend the designation of property abutting Deaven Road (North of Devonshire Heights Road) from AR to an Open Space Overlay, was held. Several residents in the immediate area spoke in favor of the zoning change. Apparently the developers did an excellent job of communicating with the affected neighbors. The zoning change was approved unanimously.

Under Subdivision and Land Development, Mark DiSanto presented a revised timing plan for the intersection of McIntosh and Colonial Road. The new plan indicated the time frame for McIntosh being one way westbound from the intersection with Colonial Road would be a maximum of 2 years from the date of Triple Crown’s receipt of the highway occupancy permit from PennDOT. Mark then stated that he agreed to Eric Epstein’s request to run this by SWAN at the meeting on September 26, 2007. This prompted some conversations between the Supervisors and Mark concerning the reversal of decisions once made by the the Supervisors. Chairman Hawk noted that there were members of SWAN present, and asked if we would wish to comment.

I stated that Mark had presented the plan to SWAN group at a prior meeting. Although the time frames were not pinned down at that time, (16 months to 3 years), and no formal vote was taken, the general consensus was favorable. I was asked if I thought SWAN would be agreeable to the 2 year time frame. I said yes. The request for the change was approved 5-0.


Eileen Hurley

SWAN Secretary/Treasurer

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