Mission Statement

The mission of Stray Winds Area Neighbors is to monitor and provide leadership for responsible development in Lower Paxton Township in the interest of maintaining and improving the quality of life for all township residents.  We advocate a desired balance of preserving natural resources, assuring sufficient infrastructure to support existing and planned development, promoting environmentally friendly development, and striving to achieve higher safety objectives for all development initiatives.

Statement of Values:

Scope: SWAN was initially organized with focus upon defined development in the northwest quadrant of Lower Paxton Township. This will continue to be our primary focus. Our group will monitor and embrace development issues and initiatives throughout Lower Paxton Township and adjacent jurisdictions where these proposed development activities strategically impact upon our mission.

Commitment:  We exist to present concerns, issues, and proposals to Lower Paxton Township and other affected jurisdictions.  We will strive to effect consensus solutions but not shirk from taking resolute actions to preserve our mission.

Preservation and Conservation:  We promote the goal of preserving open space and existing natural resources that support existing flora and wildlife.  We also advocate responsible environmental improvements and innovation for sustainable development so that future township generations will be able to share in appreciating these natural resources.

Teamwork:  We actively participate in a community partnership with township officials, local residents, environmental organizations, developers, and like-minded professionals to better plan for development and resolve issues. We feel our goals can be accomplished by working cooperatively with all of our constituents.

Communications:  We encourage active and open communications with all of our stakeholders and constituency ranging from a lone citizen to an entire neighborhood.  We will actively attend pertinent citizen and township meetings/forums, and disseminate information through all means possible.

Core Goals

SWAN is committed to the following core goals:

  • Promote sound conservation of the Paxton Creek watershed, surrounding wetlands and wildlife habitats
  • Promote natural assets to enhance the quality of life and provide environmental safeguards
  • Promote safe communities through improved design for efficient management of traffic
  • Promote sensible development with adequate infrastructure.